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Diseases that promote pain in the left hypochondrium

In all cases, the appearance of pain signalsarising problems in the human body, it makes it possible to determine in which place there are failures in the work of internal organs. Often the nature of the pain and its intensity can determine the presence of a disease or inflammatory process.

If there is pain in the left hypochondrium, this may indicate the appearance of diseases of the stomach, kidney, diaphragm, pancreas, spleen, intestine or heart.

Pain syndrome in spleen disease. The spleen is located at a close distance fromsurface of the body and removes red blood cells from the blood, after the cessation of their functioning. So, the causes of pain in the left hypochondrium lie in the increase of this organ due to his trauma or the presence of a disease, for example, mononucleosis. The onset of acute cutting pain is associated with rupture of the spleen, often this phenomenon occurs as a result of a severe traumatic effect on the organ.

Pain in case of stomach disease. With stomach disease, the achingpain in the left hypochondrium in front, which is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. These signs may indicate the development of gastritis or stomach ulcers, in some cases, intolerable pains occur with stomach cancer. Thus, the appearance of pain can accompany a huge number of stomach diseases, so with prolonged painful sensations it is necessary to undergo a special examination and establish the cause of their formation.

Pain syndrome with diaphragm disease. The cause of pain canbecome a pinch of the diaphragm or diaphragmatic hernia, which is caused by the penetration of internal organs located in the abdominal cavity into the thoracic cavity through a special opening designed to pass through the esophagus. Pain in this case is accompanied by shortness of breath, vomiting, which usually begins after eating.

Pain in pancreatic disease. With diseases of the pancreas appearsshingles pain in the left hypochondrium, vomiting, upset stomach, bloating is added to it. With these diseases it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet, eliminating from the diet fat, spicy and fried foods.

Pain in kidney disease. Pain syndrome in the left hypochondrium may bethe result of left kidney disease, in most cases, nephritis. With such a disease, severe severe pains, often intolerable, are observed. Also, such symptoms may indicate the presence of kidney stones and be the result of renal colic. A more accurate diagnosis can only be made by a specialist, so you need to seek help from a medical institution, and with intensive unbearable pain you should call an ambulance.

Pain in heart diseases. Often, when there is acute compressive pain in the left hypochondrium, which passes to the arm, scapula, back, neck and jaw and is accompanied by shortness of breath, dizziness, this indicates a myocardial infarction. In this case, emergency assistance is needed, otherwise death occurs.

Painful sensations in the left hypochondrium may be accompanied by intercostal neuralgia, most often the pain comes with sudden movements, as well as with inspiration or exhalation.

Thus, the pain in the left hypochondrium can bethe consequence of the development of many human diseases. In this case, the correct diagnosis can be made only by an experienced specialist after the necessary examination. In any case, it is not recommended to engage in self-medication without making a diagnosis, because at present there are many diseases that cause the onset of pain syndrome on the left side of the sternum.

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