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Colitis in the left side in the lower abdomen. What could it be?

In the abdominal cavity on the left side isa significant number of important systems and organs. Therefore, to the unpleasant sensations arising in this area, you need to approach with responsibility. Quite often there are cases when colitis is in the left side in the lower abdomen. What does this symptom show? In this article we will look at the main diseases and problems that are characterized by

colitis in the left side in the lower abdomen
presence of this feature.

The lower abdomen hurts. What could it be?

Pathology of the digestive system

This condition can be caused by diseasesintestines. These include ileitis, colitis, as well as cancer and infection with parasites (worms, amoebas). This kind of pain often occurs in the inflammatory process in the lower parts of the large intestine. In this case, the likelihood of manifestation and other symptoms: a violation of the stool, bloating. To get rid of the uncomfortable state, one should at a time give up fruit, fresh vegetables, spices and spices, black bread, milk. In the event that after a few days the state of health does not stabilize, it is necessary to consult a local doctor. If periodically colitis in the left side in the lower abdomen and there is diarrhea with an admixture of blood, this is a clear sign of ulcerative colitis (Crohn's disease). In such situations it is necessary to immediately call an emergency.

Pathology of the genitourinary system

Pain in women, worsening during menstruation, may indicate the presence of endometriosis.

it hurts the lower abdomen that it can be
In acute inflammation of the uterine appendages, colitisin the left side in the lower abdomen. However, pain can also spread to the right side. In such cases, a rise in temperature is often observed. Similar symptoms occur as a result of ectopic pregnancy. During the movement, the pain may become worse, have a sharp and even cramping character. In this situation, a doctor should be contacted immediately. Quite often men face a problem when the colitis is left side in the lower abdomen. Usually this kind of sensations appear in pathologies of genital organs, such as epididymitis, orchitis, varicocele, funiculitis, testicle torsion. Do not forget about sexually transmitted infections. At occurrence of any discomfortable sensations in the bottom of a stomach it is necessary to visit or attend the doctor and hand over analyzes on revealing a clamidiosis, a trichimoniasis or a gonorrhea.


Chronic and acute pyelonephritis, urolithicdisease - those ailments, in which patients also can complain that the colitis is in the left side in the lower abdomen. And the pain is quite sharp, and often it gives back. In acute pyelonephritis, general symptoms occur simultaneously: chills, severe weakness, fever. A stone moving from the left kidney to the bladder can also cause

colitis left side in the lower abdomen
the symptom we are considering.


Identify the true cause of painonly a doctor. Nevertheless, the diagnosis can be difficult. For this you need to undergo a special examination with specialists. Before the diagnosis should pay attention to the side effects. It happens that pain and tingling in the lower abdomen are accompanied by dizziness, nausea, fever or swelling. Each of the symptoms is of great importance for accurate and rapid diagnosis and timely treatment.

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