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Lose the earring. The sign of our grandmothers

To believe in signs or not to believe is a personal matter. Of course, modern people do not seem to like it. But it turns out that subconsciously each of us at least a little bit, but believes in them. Take this one here: lose an earring. A sign has come to us from the depths of centuries. It is known that the man she promises troubles or bad news.

This is understandable. Once the earring in the ear meant a lot to men. For a noble warrior this was a sign of wealth and power, for the sailor - a guard that kept him from danger to the sea, the earring in the ear is worn by the only son - the hope of the family. Even their enemies respected this custom and in the battle, it happened, they spared the wearer of the earring. Obviously, the sign arose in those distant times, when such a loss could really bring about a change for the worse. Accordingly, the sign to find an earring promised, well, if not happiness, then at least a little, but a joy. Say, for the Cossack - the opportunity to go to the tavern and sprinkle the find.

And women that promise such signs? It turns out that for a girl - it's really lucky to lose an earring. A sign means nothing short of a fast marriage. In the villages they said: "I lost my earring - you will find Alyoshka!" You can try to explain it from a rational point of view. How could you be sure to console the beauty that was upset by the loss? Of course, by promising her fiance. What did the mothers and nannies. The sign came true in most cases. This is understandable - before the girls in the girls rarely stayed.

The most interesting thing is that this sign with an enviable constancy is still coming true. If you do not believe, read about it on the forums.

There they write that, perhaps, an earring, likething-amulet, finally saturated with the negative energy that we get from the outside world, and for this reason left her mistress. By the way, it often happens with beads from semiprecious stones - carnelian, jasper, turquoise. Well, here it is - believe it or you want it - no!

What does it mean for a married woman to losean earring? Sign and then promises a pleasant change, associated in this case with the advent of a lover. Perhaps this is due to inertia from the previous value. Marriages in the old days were rarely dissolved, so that there could be no talk of a new marriage. Well, a lover - why not?

Let's see what it says about the omensLost Earrings dream book? In Tsvetkov, this generally means a gift or disclosure of secrecy. Interestingly, in dreams, signs often appear as if in a mirror image. The fact that reality promises a pleasant event in a dream often has the opposite meaning.

For example, a woman is interpreted in the sense of losshappiness or luck lose the earring. The sign turns into its opposite and in the case of its location. For a woman, finding a golden decoration promises trouble in the family or illness. In general, it is extremely undesirable. Even if it's not about someone else's evil energy that you can take on yourself with this find, then something as if punishing you for such unnecessary luck.

But in a dream a find of gold, including earrings, means meeting with your destiny, a gift.

The signs contain both folk wisdom andpopular superstition. Obviously, they arose on the basis of some events that had an impression on the witnesses that they lingered on for a long time. Probably once the signs had real explanations. But since that much time has passed! So they reached us in a distorted form, as when playing a damaged phone. But the share of rational in them still remains, although the way of our life, and everything around now is completely different.

If there is a need to believe in them, then why notand no? Do not just give them too much importance. It is possible that the loss of your earrings means only an early purchase of a new ornament. Dont be upset! All that is not done - for the better! Good luck to you!

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