/ What hurts in the left side?

What hurts in the left side?

Pain in the left side is an excuse to turn tospecialist. Even if initially these feelings do not worry you too much. Careless attitude is simply inexcusable. Especially it concerns acute pains, after all often in this case surgical intervention is necessary. However, it makes sense to apply to a doctor regardless of the severity of the sensations. Independently to determine, with what exactly it is necessary to collide, the exact diagnosis to put hardly it will be possible. However, to subsequently help doctors diagnose, it makes sense to listen to your feelings. After all, by the nature and localization of pain, it is possible to assume what happens to the body. And the more accurately a person describes his condition, the faster doctors will be able to determine the diagnosis if it hurts in the left side.

That's why it's important to know what to be inleft side. The list is quite long: the heart, left lung, pancreas, ureters, spleen, intestines, left kidney, stomach, women still have left ovary and left uterine tube. Most of these organs are hollow, which means that for various reasons, from mechanical trauma to various infectious diseases, a blockage of the organ or its rupture may form.

What hurts in the left side? To do this, you need to mentally divide the abdominal cavity into four squares. We will be interested in two left squares. You need to listen carefully to your feelings, try to understand which part of the abdomen there are unpleasant sensations, what is their nature?

What hurts in the left side, at the top? There are a lot of options. So, with myocardial infarction, sharp burning pain is observed, in addition, it is accompanied by the following symptoms: pain in the left hand and in the neck on the left, shortness of breath, sweating, weakness, fuzzy pulse. For a heart attack is also characterized by a sharp fear of death.

Cutting acute pain in left side,accompanied by blue skin around the navel, may indicate a rupture of the spleen. It is located close to the surface of the body, which makes it vulnerable to various injuries. Infectious diseases can lead to ruptures, as the tissues of the spleen soften, and it itself increases in size. The rupture of the spleen leads to internal bleeding, due to which a person can lose consciousness.

Stomach problems show aching painafter a meal, if there is gastritis with a low acidity, and on an empty stomach, if it is a gastritis with high acidity and stomach ulcer. In addition, nausea and vomiting may occur. For perforation of the ulcer is characterized by a sharp pain, similar to a knife blow.

Can also bother the pancreas. It is a fairly large organ that stretches across most of the abdominal cavity. Therefore, the inflammation of this gland, pancreatitis, reports itself with girdle pain, giving back. Like any inflammatory process, pancreatitis is accompanied by fever, as well as vomiting, like many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The diaphragm divides the abdominal and thoracic cavities. It is almost a continuous muscle, however, in the center there is an opening for the esophagus. Sometimes the muscles around the opening weaken, it expands, and the stomach can partially protrude into the chest cavity. This condition is called the hernia of the diaphragm.

What hurts in the left side, in the lower abdomen? Most of the pain in this part is associated with problems of the intestine or genitals. The latter is especially characteristic of women. Acute pain can testify, for example, about rupture of an ovarian cyst or an ectopic pregnancy. In general, the pain in the lower abdomen in women is always worth assessing against the background of the menstrual cycle, its violation indicates exactly the diseases of the reproductive system.

Dull aching pains indicate abnormalities in the work of the intestine. About them is the loss of appetite, swelling and blood or pus in the stool.

What hurts in the left side? I want to believe that this article will help readers more accurately describe their feelings to doctors, but do not self-medicate.

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