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Aching pain in left side: what can it be?

All the joys of life fade, if there areproblems with the functioning of the body. The modern world forces us to live at a high pace, without stopping for a moment. And meanwhile, this is a very serious stress for the whole organism. Therefore, from time to time there can be such things as aching pain in the left side.

Aching in left side pain
And people struggle with it with the help of pain medications, instead of listening to the body's signals, determining their cause and eradicating it.

Under the ribs in the lower abdomen on the left are vitalimportant organs, for health which must be closely monitored. Their proper work depends on the condition of the whole organism, so aching pain in the left side - this is not the most innocuous phenomenon.

In the left side is the pancreas,a fragment of the diaphragm, stomach, spleen. Ideally, these organs should not hurt or cause discomfort. Aching pain in the left side indicates the unhealth of one of them. If you have problems with the pancreas, the pain will be dull, arising after eating, especially if the food was spicy, oily or salty, and drinks - carbonated.

If the pain occurs under the ribs, then there is a suspicion of a diaphragmatic hernia.

Discomfort in the left side
Aching pain in the left side of the body can be caused by pinching the diaphragm - the membrane separating the thoracic and abdominal cavity.

Diseases of the stomach can also be reflected inleft side. Anything that irritates his mucous membrane can cause pain. Discomfort in the left side in 40% of cases is caused by chronic gastritis. The pain is sharp, giving way both to the left and to the right.

Pain in the left lower abdomen indicates problems withthe spleen. This body is prone to tears. It can be identified by bruising in the navel, which are the result of subcutaneous hemorrhage. If the spleen is unhealthy, then it becomes soft, increases in volume. All this is accompanied by a pain in the abdomen to the left. Spleen rupture occurs in some cases without physical impact on it.

Pain on the left in the abdominal region is possiblesignal about inflammation of the appendix. Despite the fact that this process of the intestine is located on the right, the doctors have repeatedly noted that pain can arise on the left. With appendicitis, a person needs an urgent surgery, since this disease threatens human life. Appendicitis can be triggered by tuberculosis, infections, typhoid fever. As soon as you feel a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, you must urgently go to the clinic or call an ambulance.

Pain in the left side from the back

Pain in the left side from the back can talk aboutproblems with the kidneys. As a rule, such a pain has a pulling and aching character and can indicate pyelonephritis, inflammation in the kidneys and other nephrologic problems.

Precisely name the cause of pain in the side to the leftonly a doctor. In any case, such a manifestation is a good reason to go to the hospital. It is necessary to pass the examination with a gastroenterologist, infectious disease specialist, nephrologist, and also pass the necessary tests. Only on these data it is possible to put the right diagnosis and prescribe a treatment that will prove effective only when the patient takes all that depends on it: abandons bad habits, starts eating right, and plays sports. This is the guarantee of good health.

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