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Caution: Heaviness in the left hypochondrium

In medicine, there are signs of disease, each of which indicates not one disease, but several possible. Such symptoms are called symptoms. An example of a symptom is severity in the left hypochondrium.

In practice, the symptoms are not treated one at a time,only in groups. So, heaviness in the left hypochondrium is often accompanied by pain of varying degrees of strength and different nature. There are accompanying signs: disorders of stool, digestion, fever, chills, weakness, nausea, vomiting, etc. Patients, in some cases, specify the location (location) of unpleasant sensations: there is a heaviness in the left side under the rib or heaviness in the sides.

Symptoms grouped together are called syndromes. The syndrome points to a particular disease.

Heaviness in the left hypochondrium together with othersymptoms can indicate a vast group of diseases. First of all, these are diseases of the abdominal cavity: the pancreas, the spleen. Dull pain and heaviness under the left rib often means gastritis, as well as gastric ulcer. This symptom is likely and causes anxiety with the onset of blood cancer.

  • In the case of acute pancreatitis (inflammationpancreas), the feeling of heaviness under the left rib grows into an unbearable shivering pain in the upper abdomen, which does not stop and pushes back. Nauseated, weakness increases, vomiting occurs. The temperature may rise. Obligatory call of an ambulance and the subsequent hospitalization, in order to avoid dangerous complications.
  • Diseases of the spleen are also characterized bythe weight on the left under the rib - for example, the spleen cyst or her tumor. In cases of pain accompanying the severity, as well as with fever, it may be necessary to talk about a spleen infarction or its abscess (pain gives to the left shoulder). With the timely help of a doctor, all spleen diseases, except for cancer and sepsis, have a favorable outcome of treatment.
  • With chronic and acute gastritis, the mucous membrane of the stomach is inflamed. The disease can go on for years. Aggravations and periods of calm current alternate.

In acute gastritis, the severity is characteristicleft in the pitcher. Along with this, the patient feels the raspiranie in the left side. Soon after eating, he begins to feel sick, vomits with undigested food, mucus and bile. The temperature rises. With timely assistance of a doctor, gastritis can be suspended for a long time.

With chronic gastritis for a long time canthere should not be any symptoms that are pointed at him, the disease "awaits" exacerbations. Chronic gastritis is dangerous because it eventually causes more severe diseases: a stomach ulcer, a tumor, polyps of the stomach and intestines.

  • The stomach ulcer is treated successfully today, if onlyit is not about her perforation or degeneration into a cancer tumor. The onset of the disease is felt as the heaviness on the left under the rib. Later, pain is applied in the spoon, usually not strong, dull and prolonged; painkillers do not help. The severity and pain, as a rule, are felt before eating and are associated with a feeling of hunger. Possible heartburn, frequent constipation, acidic eructations. With severe severity and pain, vomiting occurs, after which it becomes easier. Addressing a doctor in the event of these symptoms will save the patient's life and significantly increase the chances of recovery.
  • In the case of chronic myelogenous leukemiatingling and heaviness in the left hypochondrium. Patients find a seal at the palpation in this place. Unfortunately, this oncological disease is incurable and ends with death. But with an urgent appeal to an oncologist, the patient has a chance to extend his life from two to five years. Of these, about 3 years, health will be in relative equilibrium and will not torment the doomed. If the treatment is not carried out, the patients die much earlier.

So, the heaviness in the left hypochondrium is a symptom. By its manifestation alone it is impossible to understand what kind of illness it means. Indications of diseases in the syndrome are more accurate, but require research and observation. The very same diseases can appear in the list from less dangerous to extremely dangerous. For this reason, finding the symptom of gravity on the left requires an immediate medical attention.

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