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What should be the earring in the navel

The navel piercing has long become a customary decorationnot only for girls, but for daring men. Such a puncture is, as a rule, even by those individuals who are far from various modifications of the body in principle. The earring in the navel looks sexy and playful. Many men admit that they literally mlejat from a kind of piercing at

Earring in the navel
girls. Heals such a puncture fast enough and practically does not cause any trouble to its owner. However, the choice of jewelry should be taken seriously. It depends on him the further condition of the piercing as a whole.

The metal from which the earring is made to the navel is notshould cause an allergy. Otherwise, you will get constant itching, red rashes and even inflammation. As a rule, all ornaments for piercing are made of medical steel, titanium, silver or gold. Avoid alloys containing nickel. In addition, there are jewelry made of plastic and acrylic. These are much cheaper options. However, healing in this case can not proceed as smoothly as one would like. Plastic earring in the navel sometimes causes inflammation and suppuration. In addition, the colored glaze, which is covered with such products, can exfoliate and get into a fresh puncture. In this case, it is inevitable to contact a specialist in a medical institution.

Replace the decoration can only be when the channel is fully formed.

Earring in the navel
If this rule is neglected, then there isrisk of damaging even fresh tissue. Replace piercing only with clean hands. The decoration itself is also recommended to be pretreated with a solution of chlorhexidine bigluconate.

Almost any earring in the navel has a curvedshape. For this, this decoration was called "banana". Due to its shape, this piercing is better suited to the tissues and not torn away. The decoration should be long enough. The fact is that in the process of healing a puncture the area near it can swell a little. And it is very important that the piercing does not exert pressure on the tissue. Avoid too heavy ornaments. They can be worn only after the puncture is completely healed.

Golden earrings for navel
It is preferable to usegold earrings on the navel. Silver has the ability to oxidize and darken. Gold does not change its color. In addition, this noble metal contributes to the healing process of the puncture. However, you should also take into account the individual characteristics of your body. Some people are allergic to gold.

Much less common is the earring in the navel in the form ofrings. The fact is that such an ornament can catch on clothes and injure a puncture. In addition, the ring looks through the fabric. And this decoration is not always approved by the employer. Therefore, the navel piercing in the form of a ring should be worn only when the piercing has long and completely healed.

Decorations, buy only inSpecialty stores that sell exclusively licensed products. So you protect yourself from serious problems with the skin and the puncture itself. Ideally, such jewelry should be purchased in salons, where masters make piercings. There experts guarantee the quality of earrings.

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