/ Why is it that the left chest is itchy?

Why is the left breast scratched?

What does the left breast feel like? Probably many of us are interested in this question. This phenomenon can be called a sign, but whether it is true - it is already unknown, because there is no evidence. But many of us believe in such beliefs. In today's article, we propose to understand why the left chest is itching. To get a detailed answer, based on both facts and signs, let's approach the solution from the point of view of popular beliefs and science. This will allow us to get more answers to the question that interests us, and, perhaps, to understand whether the signs in real life are acceptable or not.

itches the left breast
So, for a start, we'll deal with folk tales andlegends. We will find out why the left breast is itchy and what is the reason for it. Since Russia is the birthplace of such signs, it is here that we will try to find the answer to the question that interests us. In the people since ancient times, there was a belief that the breast begins to itch because of changing weather conditions. At the same time, regardless of which breasts "did not give rest", the residents immediately knew that the weather would change dramatically. I must say that there have been cases of sharp weather change, but it is impossible to say whether itching was associated with them in the chest region. Some thought that if the left chest is itchy, then another person thinks about you. Note that if the itching was near the right, it was believed to be missing a pretty blond man with blue eyes. If the left chest is scratched, then the thoughts about you belong to the brunette. The stronger the itch in this area, the more meaningful thoughts and sadness. However, it is difficult to believe in such a sign, since people by the color of hair can not be divided only into brunettes and blondes, so the very interpretation is a little "unfinished". Talk about whether this is all true or not, not worth it. Let each person decide for himself, believe in beliefs or completely deny their meaning.

what does the left breast feel like?
However, if the itching in this area does not stop infor a long period of time, then experts recommend to forget about the people's signs and already think about your own health. If the left chest is scratched, then the doctors believe that there is a very real medical interpretation for that. And the first cause of this itch can be a manifestation of allergies. In this case, you need to carefully inspect the place that you want to constantly scratch. If you see on it red dots or spots, then, most likely, your body reacts to something. Perhaps this is a manifestation of an allergy to a product. In any case, you need to determine the reason and continue to try not to expose the body to such stress.

itches the nipple of the left breast
If you do not know why the itching of the nipple is leftbreast, then we recommend to think about whether there have been recently unprotected sex acts. If you answer this question positively, then there is a probability of pregnancy. Because the itching in this area is one of the first signs of the beginning of the first trimester. In order to know if you are pregnant or not, just in case perform a special test to exclude this cause of itching.

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