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What the brow scratches: the most popular signs

There is a great variety of different signs. Some believe in them, others treat them with skepticism or with humor. But if something bothers and lasts for so long, then they take doubts: what could it be? And do you know what the brow is itching? This can talk about some changes. So it's worthwhile to figure this out.

to which the brow is scratched

What does this mean?

Anyone who believes in signs, knows that itching insome part of the body promises some changes, changes or news. And to what the it is scratched an eyebrow? There are several options. In addition, it is important even what kind of eyebrow it itches, right or left. So, below are the main options for the development of events.

  1. This phenomenon can say that absolutelySoon your house will be visited by guests. And the stronger the itch, the more likely that a person will come from afar. And if the itching arose suddenly, then the visit will be unexpected. They also say that if the right eyebrow is combed, the guests will bring joyful news, and if left, then unpleasant.
  2. If you study the signs, the eyebrows also scratch at those whowill soon communicate with people. Probably, and some kind of meeting. It is noteworthy that if the right eyebrow is combed, the interlocutor will be pleasant and benevolent (and according to another version it will simply be a woman), and if the left one, then the probability of meeting with a hypocrite or even an enemy (or with a man) is great.
    Signs itches the eyebrow
  3. Itching can mean that you will soon thank someone for some help or support.
  4. There is also such a sign: the left eyebrow to the fast pregnancy is scratched. In this case, the light, most likely, there will be a girl. The itch of the right eyebrow tells about the birth of a boy, and both - about the appearance of twins.
  5. If the left eyebrows are scratched, then, probably, you are awaited by some kind of journey, a long road.
  6. Wait for rumors and gossip about yourself. So, if the right eyebrow was combed, then, most likely, you are praised, and if left, then they blame or condemn.
  7. Such a sign may indicate some fairly strong emotions. For example, if the right eyebrow was combed, then one can expect something pleasant and joyful, and if left, then the sensations will be negative.
  8. Itchy eyebrows can promise a profit (prize, bonus, salary). But if the area under the eyebrows was combed, then, on the contrary, be afraid of losses.

What to do?

Now you know what the brow scratches. And what to do in this case? Signs do not promise you anything bad, so you can safely forget about itching. But if the eyebrows are not only itchy, but also blush and flake, then it's worth to see a doctor. Probably, you have an allergy or even a fungus.

the left eyebrow is scratched

Whether to believe in omens?

To believe or not is the business of every single person.
But if you take everything seriously, it's not worth itdwell on this, because you can just go crazy. If you are still interested in what this or that phenomenon means, you can learn about it, but no more. Active measures and experiences are inappropriate.

In conclusion, we can only add that, knowingWhat the brow scratches, you can prepare for this or that event. But remember that itching can occur without a reason or because of some other problems. So do not take things too much to heart.

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