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If the right hand itches, why would it?

Signs, signs, signs ... They exist for a huge number of literally for all occasions. The people left us in the inheritance rules of conduct in this or that situation, especially if you need to defend yourself, to protect yourself from unknown hostile forces. Conspiracies, lapels formed secret knowledge and helped people in difficult times, rescued at sudden trouble or warned in case of possible danger.

A man from a long time was the closestconnected with the world of nature, from there scooping and material for observation, and wisdom, the strength by which he learned to manage complex situations, change them in his favor. But technological progress has almost broken this living bond, alienating children - humanity - from their mother - Nature. And because of the enormous spiritual heritage of our ancestors, we, people of the 21st century, received pathetic crumbs. And even with them, we sometimes do not know what to do or where to apply.

Signs associated with the hands

For example, if the right hand itches, what is itmean? Sign of what or simply should once again wash your hands or go to the doctor for scabies? And anyway, is there any meaning in the people's signs, or are they all - a complete superstition, over which it remains to laugh and forget? Doctors, of course, will be inclined to this point of view, and they will say that we lack vitamins, trace elements, that we need to take appropriate preparations, and lubricate the skin with appropriate cream or cosmetic Vaseline to avoid drying out and not being weather-beaten. Maybe they are right. But when the right hand itches, and you meet an old friend, say hello to that very hand, the justice of the people's observations is obvious. It is said after all: the itch is scratched - you will shake someone's hand.

the right hand itches
What else is fraught with tickling sensations in the fieldright hand? The people believe that you will keep money. Get from someone: whether the debt will be returned, whether a bribe will be given, or maybe for beautiful eyes will be given. If such a sign that the right hand is itching, even though in fifty cases out of a hundred coincides, bureaucratic officials and other unseemly elements already had to wipe holes on their palms!

Jokes are jokes, but with all sorts of unusual sensations,strange dreams and other non-standard manifestations of your "I" be attentive to yourself and the world around you. Intuition is a kind of third eye, a window into another dimension, from which we receive all kinds of warnings about possible good and not very changes in our life. People's signs are also based on such observations and revelations. When the right hand itches, notice how much. Most likely, you will understand the size of the expected amount: the stronger, the greater. And if the itch spread above the brush, it means that the "milion" will fall to you!

itches the hand
By the way, did you know that to be a good signit is necessary to observe a certain ritual. Therefore, if the hand is scratched, so that the money reaches you, first imagine that they already have you in this very hand. Then shovel the palm into a fist - it's shoveling, like grabbing money. Fist kiss - this you send money to the sign that you are waiting for them, dear ones, you will not wait! And then hide your hand in your pocket and dismiss it - mentally put money in your pocket. Do you understand the essence of the ritual? Get yourself, be happy and put it in your pocket! Then just some penny yes sail to you!

And you can do this by rubbing your hand aboutthe inside of the countertop, or something red: a tablecloth, a handkerchief, a cloth flap. About yourself at this moment to say something like "Wow about red, so that it's not in vain!" And, look, it will work!

If something itches ...

signs if it itches
As you understand, itch can not only palm,but also forehead, nape, heel, back. And here in the bins of folk wisdom there are many explanations. Signs, if it itches, it's either to a strong drink, or to a big fight ("A good nose scuffles for three days feels"), forehead - will have to become a petitioner. True, if in olden times this expression was literal - the applicant beat the brow on the floor to satisfy his request, but now it is used in figurative meaning. But the sign works! As well as if you scrat the back of your head, you'll have to think about it, break your head over a serious puzzle.

And what does science suggest?

Let's return to our hands. The big science here that says: the right arm and its motor operations are supervised by our left hemisphere. It, in turn, controls our logic, rational thinking. And if we are focused on something, if we are busy thinking about a difficult situation that requires an unconventional solution, even without noticing, we can mechanically rub the right hand. And when the situation "broke up" and success came, we recall our feelings and say: "It was not in vain, itched, to luck!".

Yes, you can believe in signs, you can and not. But folk wisdom developed over the centuries, and something must be there!

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