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Itches the left hand - remember the signs!

Our daily life is connected with a multitude ofwill accept. Some of them have become so familiar that we follow them without thinking. For example, seeing a black kotyaru on his way, then energetically spit through his left shoulder. If someone goes with an empty bucket - "turn on" courtesy and skip ahead. We use the salt-cellar carefully, so as not to spill. And stuff, stuff, stuff ...

If it itches ...

So, suppose you have a left hand itches. Persistently and for a long time. You rub it - itching does not go away. Not for nothing, see! And what in this case tells us the wisdom of the people? On the one hand, the sign is as if disappointing: "scratching the left - to the loss, money to give that day will have!" On the other - we hear from the grandmothers something the opposite: "itches the right hand - it's healthy to feed, itches the left hand - you'll be denyuzhku take! "Whether this is so - will tell your own life experience. Only it is necessary to be attentive and not to miss cause and effect relations.

itches the left arm
Suppose that the left hand does not itch to loss,and to the profit - then someone will unexpectedly give you a certain amount. This may be a long-standing debt, which suddenly recalled a friend (got rich or conscience woke up), a bonus at work or a find on the street. Or maybe it's a veiled sign that you will be asked to do a new job soon, will be promoted. In any case, directly or indirectly, when the left arm is itching - good luck must smile to you. And your task is to understand this, to notice to act correctly. They offered a job - to agree. Have included in the new project - to rejoice. Have promoted - to correspond. But this is not all. If luck waving your hand from afar, you need to lure her, call her to herself, show that she is happy and waiting for her. In other words, as advised people know, you need to perform something like a ritual, so that the sign works.

A little magic

the left hand itches
How to lure a fortune to yourself, if the "signover "was given, i.e. the left hand itches? Home or practical magic offers many rituals, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Let's dwell on some.

  • Clamp in it a bill, preferably of great dignity, and hide for a couple of minutes a hand in your pocket. Thus, you would point the money to the road, and they will come to you.
  • Another option - if the left arm is itching, the palm should be rubbed against the pocket. Ie, send an invitation to the money, show where their house is. The result will soon make you happy.
  • But the advice on how to not lose money: the left palate itches, while you owe someone something. To give them this time did not have to, the palm should be rubbed against the bark of the tree. Thus, you will not part with them, and your lenders will be lenient and wait.
  • The palm should be honored with movements not from itself, but to yourself, inside, from top to bottom, and not vice versa. Otherwise, you will "recall" the money, drive away from yourself that it is not "there is a gut", as the wits say.

Money and ... the moon

if the left arm is itching
If it happened that the left palm itches in thosedays, or rather nights, when there are changes in the lunar phases, you can try to get a coin in the following way: during the full moon on the window sill, you should put your wallet, which is widely open, in which you usually keep the "cash register". Put in such a way that the moonlight fell on him and even got inside. Do the "operation" should be all three nights, until the luminary began to decline. In this way you accumulate monetary energy, and they will flow to you. And when the moon is a newborn, the wallet is laid out on the windowsill already with the contents and also for the first three nights. Money is charged with energy of growth and multiplied.


These signs will work if the itching in thepalms are not caused by skin diseases or your negative emotions. In the first case - more often wash them, in the second - do not squeeze into fists. Calm down, smile, then your life will smile with pleasant surprise in the form of a ringing coin!

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