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Folk signs: what does the left palate look like?

People's signs are a very interesting thing. After all, they talk about future events, which are often not at first sight connected. The most interesting thing is that the signs often come true. Suppose, if the cat sleeps, hiding its nose, then, most likely, it is necessary to expect frost. In the same article, we'll talk about what the left palm is itching to.

to which the left palm is scratched

What are people's signs, say quitejust. This is the prediction of any events that will occur if something ordinary happens. For example, there is such a sign that if the birds fly low, then it's to rain. It would seem, what is the connection between birds and rain? But everything is simple: before the rain, the humidity of the air always rises, and the birds have to fall lower, otherwise it is difficult for them to fly.

Now let's analyze what the palm onleft hand. As people say, the left palm is scratched only to losses and expenses. Usually this means that it is possible to break things, repair of which will require costs, or the emergence of difficulties at work or in business.

signs of itches left palm

Where did the sign that answered the question come fromWhat itches the left palm is hard to say. But, most likely, its source is hidden in certain ideas that have developed over the centuries. We will talk about them in more detail.

According to popular beliefs, hands are a zone,which is responsible for material goods. As proof of this, there are a huge number of expressions that confirm the connection of hands and well-being. Let's say that the expression "hands grabbing" means that a person tries to improve his financial condition by any means, even taking away something from other people. Or the expression "took everything into its own hands" - it says that the person took all the affairs under control so that they would go well.

The second source is knowledge about the left and rightside. According to popular beliefs, the left side is to the worst, and the right side to good. That's why it was believed that on the left shoulder is a devil, and on the right - an angel. And when asked about what the palm on the left arm feels like, they reply that it is losing money. And the right hand is the opposite, to their acquisition.

to which the palm of your hand is scratched

But, as it is characteristic of signs, there is alwaysway to avoid the unpleasant outcome for themselves, which they promise. If you scratch your left palm, and you feel that it is to losses, people are advised to make a series of actions. First, do not scratch your palm, even if you really want it. Secondly, you need to squeeze your hand into a fist, as if you are holding money. And, thirdly, you need to put your fist in your pocket and then unclench (as if you put money in your pocket). If you did everything right, then none of the bad aspects of the signs as to what the left palm is itching will not affect you. And you can be sure that your well-being will not be shaken.

Although signs are knowledge that is transmitted fromgeneration to generation, there are people who claim that this is just superstition. It's hard to say whether they are right or not. But every superstitious person will confirm to you that the signs come true, and even will be able to bring a large number of confirmations from their lives.

After reading this article, you now know what the left palm is itching. And even learned how to avoid the unpleasant consequences of this omen. But to believe in this sign, or not - you decide.

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