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Are my hands palpitated? Not a disease - a sign!

Your hands are scratching, and are you absolutely healthy? So, you should look at the list of signs! There are those who can very please those who fell ill with "temporary scabies"!

the palms are scratched
What are the palms of my hands scratched with?

People from the mouth to mouth give predictions,concerning sudden itching. According to oral folk art, the palms are scratched - to the money. Only operations with funds different hands mean completely opposite. So, it itches the left palm - you get money! It is very nice! In this case, according to eyewitness accounts, that is, those people who are looking for evidence for almost any popular wisdom, this scabby sign always works! It is said that people who do not have a permanent (or even temporary) source of income, who do not rely on financial receipts in the near future, receive a certain amount after correctly "smelling" their left palm! How to do it correctly? They say that the fingers of the other hand do not fit this perfectly! If you want the sign to come true, then you need to scratch yourself against the tree (the table or chair will do)! Do not believe me? Check. But if the left palm is itch, then you will get money, regardless of whether you know about the probable income or not! Do not forget that you need to rub it on a tree! Another group of people believes that the palm should be kissed three times and rubbed against the forehead! And there is such an interpretation of the omens: the left hand has combed it - rub it against the purse or pocket, so that the money

to what are the palms of hands scratched?
come! With the right palm is not so simple. There is not one, but two signs!

What does it mean if the right palm itches?

By one interpretation it itches before youwill have to give money. For what you will do it - it does not matter. Maybe you'll repay the debt, or maybe buy yourself what you dreamed of! But you'll have to pay! If you do not want to part with the means, then scratch your right hand about the tree! Then, as it is believed, you do not have to part with the money. In this regard, "testimony" is not so much. This is perfectly understandable, we spend almost every day! The second variant is signs: the hands are scratched - you will greet! At the same time, the left one - with the person who turns off money for you, the right one - just a greeting! Perhaps, this sign is due to the fact that the handshake is performed by the right hand! But also it

which means if the palm of your hand itches
is executed one hundred percent!

What else is advised to do if the palms are itching?

Again, there are cases when itching arosenot as a consequence of diseases! There is such advice: if the left hand it it it is necessary to rub about something red! For example, about a purse, which is recommended to buy just this color. At the same time it is necessary to say: "I'll rub my hand against the red, so that the itching is not in vain!" They also say that the degree of itching is directly proportional to the amount of profit. That is, the more it itches, the bigger helmet you need to buy (so that the bag that falls on your head does not hurt)! There is an option that says that a very large amount can scratch your entire hand! Still interpreters will accept advise to conduct mini-meditation so that the profit certainly does not lose your way to you. The palm was combed: imagine that you have a lot of bills in your hand, and squeeze them well! Then everything will turn out!

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