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What is itching for the right hand - a sign, confirmed by medicine

From birth to deathlives surrounded by signs. This is not about weather signs, like: smoke pillar - to the frost, if the grass dew - there will be no rain, etc., but about the signs often attributed to superstitions. And if the existence takes, associated with the weather, it is understandable and understandable, then the reasons for the appearance of superstitious signs are lost in the depths of the centuries and the origins of many people will be almost impossible to find.

And it is also impossible to understand why people are still serious about any particular signs, why the coincidence of circumstances, sometimes absolutely random, sometimes makes us so happy, and sometimes so sad.

Observance of certain rituals accompanying certain signs, seem sometimes pointless, sometimes stupid, and sometimes just ridiculous.
Here the black cat ran across the road. One of the passers-by froze in place, the other began spitting through his left shoulder, and the third, the most desperate, turned 180 degrees and continues to move backwards.

Living in the era of the Large Hadron Collider andInternet, we, nevertheless, do not cease to be interested, to the success or failure of all our undertakings will bring in the dreams seen in a dream a bird or a bird or a meeting of a priest or a monk and to which the right arm, nose or foot is scratched.

That's because it happens that he washed his hands more than once,and rubbed them, and scratched them, but the itching does not go away! And really, what does the right hand scratch? Physicians will begin to talk about the lack of vitamins or some trace elements .... But the people have their own opinion on this and have their own answer to the question of what the right hand is scratching, and its centuries-old experience explains this phenomenon in its own way, as an omen of the impending meeting.

According to the established opinion about future eventsinforms that part of the body, which is to be paid for in the performance of certain actions. The forehead itches - it is necessary to beat the forehead, the nose itches - to the fight (a good nose for a week the fist feels!), Itches the eye - to tears, and the itching in the right hand is an omen of the meeting. Someone from close acquaintances, or a person whose meeting with you will be remembered for a long time, will shake your palm. The palm foresees this meeting, that's itching.

And my hands itch in anticipation of committingmoney transactions. The left itch - you have to give money, but the right one - will receive. Although, if you believe this sign, the itch of the right hand should be a professional disease of officials.

So if you scratch your right palm -rejoice in a good omen. And be sure to pay attention to how much the palm of your hand itches. As a rule, the stronger the itch, the greater the amount will fall into your hands, and if the hand itches on the elbow or even on the shoulder - money just piles up incredibly!

But do not be in a hurry to plan numerouspurchases! If the right hand is itching to make a pleasant event happen, it is necessary to perform a number of actions, namely: you need to imagine that money is already in your hand, then squeeze your hand into a fist, kiss your fist (you are happy with the money?), Put your hand in your pocket , and only there to unclench the fist. All - now the money will be in your pocket.

Some believe that it is enough to rub righthand back side of the board. Some people prefer to rub a palm about something red, repeating: "It's about red, so it's not in vain". So, having felt an itch in the right palm, without wasting time on finding out, to what the right hand itches, do these simple actions. And then oboyazno luck will not pass you by!

Do not believe in signs and wonder whyitchy right hand? Do not worry doctors have an answer! Physicians find a scientifically valid explanation of what the right arm is scratched: all the actions performed by the right hand are under the control of the left hemisphere of the brain, responsible for logical and rational thinking. Thus, taking responsible decisions, performing operations that require care and concentration, can be accompanied by itching in the palm of your hand. Naturally, the commission of responsible actions and the adoption of important decisions are accompanied by a solid reward.
So signs are not superstitions, but folk wisdom, proven in the ages.

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