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To what does the left arm itch?

In the old days our ancestors believed in signs. All the signs are truly noticed features, which were passed from mouth to mouth from the elders to the younger ones. The signs that came to us from pagan times, survived for several thousand years, are accepted today for the truth by millions of people.

Over time, people began to obey andfollow them unconsciously. For example, if a cat crosses the road, it is automatically spit through the left shoulder. On the other hand, signs are different. Some are like a prayer, and there is nothing wrong with leaving the apartment in the morning, you will call: "My angel, come with me, you are ahead, I am for you." I do not know, someone believes, someone does not believe in signs, but I will not go out without my guardian angel from home.

There is a greata bunch of. There are observations about the weather or stunning signs about human organs, as well as the successful outcome of the case, the signs of the wedding, etc. Kindly accept about the same as not very kind.

Let's look at some of the mostcommon signs. Here is one of them, very positive: what does the left arm itches? Many people still do not know what this sign says. At us on work periodically that one, another starts to ask all successively, to what the left arm or hand is scratched? So, the folk sign says that if you have your left palpit it it is, as a rule, to money. Do not believe me? Then the next time you scratch your palm, just set the goal to test this statement. And you will see for yourself, what will be the answer to your question: what is the left arm scratched about? Most likely, the money will come unexpectedly - the debt can be returned, the premium can expect you. And, the more the hand is scratched, the more money will come. You need to touch the palm from the periphery to the center, from the edge of the palm to the middle, as if you are collecting money in one pile. And thanks to this, the money that has arrived will stay with you for a long time, and not evaporate at a time. Well, with the question of what it is that the left arm itches, we figured it out.

Well, you will say, but to what does the right arm itch? Either you'll have to give money, or to a meeting-you'll say hello. Maybe with a friend or girlfriend who have not been seen for many years, or maybe with an important person who will leave an indelible mark on your life.

But, who knows what itching to the left leg? So, the folk sign says that if your left leg is itching - most likely, on the way you will lose money, and your trip can end badly. So, you should be more careful on the road. And vice versa, if the right leg is itching - you will have a successful trip. There is also a popular sign relating to the knees. If the left knee is combed, then someone is talking about you at the moment, gossiping, and bad news is possible. Well, if the right knee is itching, then surely you will be expected with pleasant, good news.

Many people ask, why does the left foot scratch? Most often, according to the belief, your feet itch to the fact that soon you will be in an unfamiliar place and, therefore, it's time for you to get ready for the journey. The sign originates from the recent past, when there was no road transport, and horses were only for very rich people. Simple people had to measure their feet with their feet when it was necessary to get somewhere. Sometimes this road took many days. Then the people also noticed that if the right foot is scraped, then expect the planned road from the early morning. And if the left foot is scraped, then soon you will receive news that will force you to immediately go on a long journey. And when one's feet ache, or another some kind of chilled part of the body, then this is already changing weather. If the feet are very hot, then the correct sign is to the path.

A good sign can also be arranged, for example:

- If within a month everything is going wrong against you, and you are not lucky, you have to change the clock;

- if you want the day to work out - get out of bed with your right foot, step on the sidewalk or stair step better too with your right foot;

- if you want everything to go as you intended - before meeting with your loved one, put on a round shape ornament.

But remember, of course, you can follow the signs,but faith in them is superstition. If you are a believer, beware of superstitions, believing in them is a sin. The main thing for you is to remain your faith in God.

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