/ What if the child has pneumonia?

What if the child has pneumonia?

According to experts, about such a disease aspneumonia, it is better to know the information in theory, rather than to collide in practice. Especially when it comes to children's uniforms. In fact, this type of disease occurs quite often. In three cases out of five, as a rule, the child is diagnosed with pneumonia in our country. It is noteworthy that this ailment lies in wait for the baby at a tender age (2-3 years). Let's take a more detailed look at it in this article.

the child has pneumonia
general information

How does the child develop pneumonia? Surely many parents are interested in this issue. Everything is very simple. With pneumonia, the pathogen rapidly penetrates directly into the alveoli themselves (vesicles at the ends of the bronchi). Then the inflammatory process begins to develop. The so-called exudate accumulates in the alveoli. It is a liquid, which, in turn, makes the process of gas exchange in the body very difficult. As a consequence, there is a sharp decrease in oxygen in the baby (hypoxia). Almost all vital organs lack oxygen, which, of course, is not good.

Why does the child develop pneumonia?

pneumonia in young children

  • Doctors say that the reasons for thisThe disease in adults and children is somewhat different. In the adult generation, this disease primarily develops as an independent disease. Most often (about 90% of all cases) in a child, pneumonia is diagnosed as a result of recently transferred infections (SARS, influenza, etc.).
  • In young children, as is known, the immune systemstill not as well developed as in adults. It is she who plays a direct role in whether the infection in the body will develop into pneumonia or not. Consequently, the younger the child, the higher the likelihood of pneumonia.
  • Not the least role is played by the development of the respiratory system. If the baby was born with an underdeveloped lung or immature respiratory system, the risk of developing the disease is somewhat higher.

Diagnosis of pneumonia in children

When available

diagnosis of pneumonia in children
and suspicion of parents for thisThe diagnosis should be applied promptly to qualified care. Doctors, in turn, must necessarily conduct a series of surveys, after which and will be confirmed or refuted such an unpleasant disease.


Pneumonia in young children for the presentthe moment is treated by standard methods. First of all, doctors eliminate the inflammation focus and all the accompanying symptoms. Most often prescribed antibiotics. Of course, almost all parents are not delighted that their child is exposed to the strongest impact of drugs, but at the moment this kind of practice is the most effective.


It should be noted that the treatment of thisthe disease should be carried out exclusively by qualified doctors. In no case should one resort to the help of traditional medicine. So you will make the child only worse, and the disease will not be able to win at all.

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