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Right-sided pneumonia: causes, symptoms and treatment

Inflammation of the lungs is a rather serious disease,which, unfortunately, affects all categories of the population regardless of gender and age. Before the appearance of the first antibiotics, right-sided pneumonia resulted in the death of every third patient. Fortunately, modern medicine has all the necessary means of treatment, so the prognosis for patients is quite favorable.

Right-sided pneumonia and its causes

right pneumonia

Most often, the cause of the inflammatory process is infection - it can be bacteria, viruses and even fungal microorganisms, transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets.

In addition, the source of pathogenic microflora maybe in the body. In particular, the risk group includes people with chronic respiratory diseases, including tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, etc. The development of pneumonia is facilitated by the weakening of the immune system. Improper nutrition, hypothermia, persistent stress, previously transferred ARI and cold - all this increases the chances of developing the inflammatory process.

Right-sided pneumonia and its main symptoms

acute right-sided pneumonia

The initial stages of the disease are often confused withan ordinary cold - patients simply ignore the symptoms and do not seek help from a doctor, which only aggravates the situation. Nevertheless, acute right-sided pneumonia has some peculiarities, which in no case should not be ignored.

The disease begins with a rise in temperature,which leads to weakness, drowsiness, body aches, constant fatigue, impaired appetite. But unlike the flu and other colds, with pneumonia, fever lasts much longer.

Naturally, one of the symptoms of pneumoniais a strong cough, accompanied by the departure of viscous sputum (sometimes it has an orange, rusty hue). As the disease develops, there is a perceptible pain behind the sternum or in the side, which is intensified during a deep inspiration or cough.

Right-sided pneumonia is necessarily accompanied by persistent shortness of breath, which appears even with the slightest physical exertion.

There is also an atypical form of inflammation, which is considered to be the most dangerous, since it occurs without significant symptoms, so it does not cause concern for a sick person.

Right-sided pneumonia: treatment

right-sided pneumonia treatment

To begin with, the doctor conducts appropriateresearch. As a rule, the chest X-ray allows you to confirm the presence of a foci of inflammation. Patients also give sputum for analysis - this allows you to determine the nature of the causative agent of the disease, which, in fact, depends on the treatment. In bacterial pneumonia, it is advisable to use antibiotics, while the viral form of the disease requires immunomodulatory therapy.

In addition, it is mandatory thatsymptomatic treatment. Patients must prescribe the use of mucolytic drugs, which facilitate the departure of phlegm. "ACTS", "Ambroxol", "Lazolvan" are considered very effective.

In case of severe fever, antipyretic agents are used, in particular, Nurofen, Aspirin, etc.

For a quick recovery, you need a bedmode and nutrition - food should be light, but high-calorie and contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The drinking regime is also very important, since an additional liquid is necessary for normal sputum discharge.

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