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Pneumonia, symptoms of pneumonia

It should be said that the inflammation of the lungs, otherwords pneumonia, is a common disease, and takes second place after respiratory diseases, since the human respiratory system is most susceptible to the appearance of infectious diseases. Since pneumonia often develops against the background of influenza, the symptoms of pneumonia can be correlated with the symptoms of influenza, its acute form. Currently, there are a huge number of influenza viruses, and some of them can affect the lungs. So, with a decrease in immunity and a huge activity of the virus, the process of infection from the upper respiratory tract extends to the bronchi, in this case there is bronchitis, and the lungs, thus, develop pneumonia.

Lungs are a kind of filter,through which blood is passed, so almost any bacterium can cause inflammation of the lungs, depending on the age of the person, his immune system, and the state of the body as a whole. However, pneumonia is always a secondary disease and appears as a complication after another illness. In some cases, the symptoms of pneumonia may appear after surgical interventions in the thoracic and abdominal cavity.

Inflammation of the lungs is croupiform and focal. It is important to distinguish focal pneumonia in time, since it does not manifest symptoms of pneumonia, therefore, in frequent cases, a person carries the disease on his legs, suppressing the cough with improvised means. As a rule, the temperature, in the first few days, keeps no higher than 38 degrees, then drops to 37 without changes in well-being. It is recommended that if the temperature is slightly increased and the sputum with impurity is released, as well as fast fatigue and sweating, consult a doctor for a checkup.

Croupous pneumonia develops rapidly, symptomsThe inflammation of the lungs is quite vivid in this case. So, a person has a sharp increase in temperature to 40 degrees, there is a chill, pain in the entrance and cough. In this case, the general condition of a person is severe.

Thus, it should be noted signs of pneumonia in adults:

1. Cough;

2. Disease of the respiratory organs, which last more than a week;

3. Deep breath causes coughing attacks;

4. Minor or high temperature, which does not get off and is accompanied by pallor of the skin;

5. Shortness of breath.

In the presence of such symptoms it is recommended not to delay the visit to the medical institution, since this disease can lead to the death of a person in the event that the disease starts on its own.

It should be borne in mind that the treatment of inflammationlungs in adults in all cases begins with the use of antibacterial agents that help to gradually reduce body temperature. In addition, expectorants and vitamins should be used. As the temperature decreases, it is recommended to prescribe phytotherapy and massage, which help to suppress the disease and restore the body.

If there is a disease such as pneumonia,the patient is recommended bed rest, any trips to the street are extremely undesirable, because the symptoms of pneumonia not only do not disappear, but the disease itself can become chronic.

Thus, in the diagnosis of pneumonia,a person should not panic, as today there are quite a lot of drugs and drugs that can cure this ailment, in addition, acute forms of pneumonia that can lead to death are now not widely spread, and are extremely rare. However, it must be remembered that the faster the treatment, the less likely it is that complications of the disease occur.

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