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How to delete contacts from the iPhone is a question that many people are looking for.

Surprisingly, every new round of developmenttechnologies can not only alleviate, but also significantly complicate the life of the average user. It would seem that technology should evolve from the complex to the simple, with each new generation more and more improving in the sense that allowing to use the expanding opportunities with less difficulty. And success must accompany those companies that have achieved the greatest success in this field. However, in our time there are exceptions to this seemingly unshakable rule. Apple's iPhone phones are just like that.

how to delete contacts from iphone
Mass hysteria that occurred in societysome time ago, should, it would seem, testify that these gadgets are the top of perfection. But at the same time, even elementary operations on them have certain nuances that complicate the life of the owner of the fashion device. Problems arise even with the question of how to delete contacts from the iPhone. However, the subtleties that accompany this process are not a big problem.

delete all contacts from iphone
In fact, any non-trivial instructionIt is only necessary if you need to delete all iPhone contacts. The need for this arises if you purchased a phone that was already in use. Then, of course, old contacts to the new owner absolutely to nothing. To understand the issue, consider this situation on a specific example and learn how to remove all contacts from the iPhone 3G. First of all, we need iTunes. After its launch, we connect the mobile device itself and go to the "Devices" section, where we select the connected device. Among many other tabs of the interface we need the "Information" tab. We choose it. Near the words "Synchronize contacts" you need to tick, then select "Contact book", or - Outlook. After that, we move to another section, namely - "Add-ons". There it is necessary to tick off the word "Contacts". After that, it remains to press the "Apply" button, after which a dialog box appears, in which there is a "Replace information" option, which is done and required. All! Now there is a synchronization, which completely removes the numbers from the user's phone book.

how to delete all contacts from iphone 3G
However, this is not the only way howdelete contacts from iPhone. To do this, it is possible to apply and delete a single, that is, one number from the phone's contact list. To do this, you need to start the gadget applications called Contacts, or Phone, and then select the contact that you want to delete. Then in the upper corner, on the right, you need to click "Change". In this menu you need to scroll to the very end, where the cherished "Delete" will be.

Really the instruction on how to removecontacts with the iPhone, is impressive, if compared with much simpler and more reliable brands of phones. But, on the other hand, the way to delete all contacts will fit to the 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S, and 5 models, that is, it is almost universal, the main thing is just to get used to it. The use of smartphones, which differ significantly in their technological solutions from the models we are familiar with, entails some difficulties (even trivial: how to delete contacts with the iPhone), but everyone must decide for himself which gadget will suit him.

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