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Instructions: How to sync iPhone with iPad

If you own an iPhone and an iPad,then you probably have a desire to synchronize these two devices with each other for transferring files, moving contacts and so on. About this and talk. Currently there are only two options with which you can synchronize the iPad with the iPhone. You can make a connection with a cable, and also with a wireless connection. There will already depend on you, which way you will find the most suitable.


how to sync iphone with ipad
Let's start with a discussion of how sync iPhone with iPad using a wire connection. In order to synchronize between these two devices, you will definitely need to use iTunes. To work with the iPad, you need to install version 9.1 or newer. If you needed to connect one of these devices to a personal computer, in this case, you must follow all instructions that the program will provide. But many users can have problems while configuring the iTunes program to work together on two devices. If you process these devices in turn, then all files will be combined into a single whole. When you decide to sync iPhone with the iPad one at a time and want to remove one of the materials, then the erasure will happen immediately on two gadgets. Naturally, the problem can be quickly resolved, but not many know how this is done.

Double check-in

contacts with iphone on ipad
As we mentioned earlier, at the present timeThere are only two options for the solution of the task, and we will consider them in detail today. And the first way is to create just two accounts on a personal computer. In fact, this answer to the question of how to synchronize the iPhone with the iPad, is the simplest, and also affordable. First, you need to create one account in iTunes for your phone. The second account should be exactly the same, only for the tablet device. Accordingly, after you have created two accounts, the confusion that was earlier will disappear. Now you know how to sync iPhone with iPad using this method. Next, you will need to use the Data Transfer Wizard or use the copying, and if done correctly, you will be able to exchange data between the two devices.

Working with "Mediateka"

sync ipad with iphone
Let's now consider the second option, withwhose help you can transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad, and for this we will use a device of different data stores. Just want to mention that this process for some users may seem complicated. It will be necessary to create two repositories for media libraries. However, if you can deal with all the subtleties, then you will be able to solve your question. In order to perform file sharing, first you need to create a media library for the selected device in iTunes. For example, it could be an iPhone. After that you need to close the program. Now start the application again, while holding down the Shift key on the keyboard if you are using the Windows operating system, and if you are using the MAC, then hold down Option. If everything was right, a new menu should pop up before you, which will prompt you to open one of the created media libraries or add a new one. Now you should create a new directory under a different name, then connect the second device, in this case it's the iPad, then we synchronize.


sync iphone with ipad
If you need to understand how to synciPhone with iPad for transferring calendar or contacts data, then you can use the first method we provided, or use local tools such as "Address Book" or Outlook. By the way, wireless connection of two devices has the same principles in the described methods. Natural, before you engage in synchronization, you need to make sure that your personal computer is an intermediary. As for the wireless connection, here you can use the Wi-Fi Sync application. The program allows you to do without a variety of cables, but before using it, be sure to carefully study the manual.

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