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How to delete contacts with "iPhone 5" and other similar devices using official methods

How to delete contacts with "iPhone 5"? This question is of interest to a considerable number of users. Immediately note that there are several methods, guided by which you can do this operation. In fact, nothing complicated in this process is there, if you know what and where to click. Well, now let's move on to the issue of how to delete contacts with "iPhone 5".

Why is this necessary?

how to delete contacts from iphone 5

There are situations when people buya new SIM card. In this case, you need to clear contacts in your phone. Of course, you can leave everything as it is, but it's not always convenient. And on how comfortable it is for you to work with a device, the general assessment generally depends on it. Who likes to use the smartphone constantly if it is inconvenient? Probably, to anybody. In this light, the question of how to remove contacts with "iPhone 5" is becoming relevant. Performing similar operations may be required in the event that you are going to donate your device to someone or sell it. Accordingly, the issue of total deletion of the phone book will be of interest to the user who bought the smartphone previously used by someone. So how do you delete contacts from "iPhone 5"?


how to delete contact on iphone 5 s

Currently, several methods are known,which help to accomplish this operation. They have some fundamental differences, but the result remains practically unchanged. More specifically, the first method allows you to delete the contacts separately from each other. This method is used to erase unnecessary numbers. If you want to do everything at once, then the second method is put into operation. It's aimed at erasing all contacts from the phone at once. Such methods are called official, because they were integrated into the software base of the phone. And, it should be noted that not all users who ask "How to delete contacts with" iPhone 5? "Know that there are additional methods, in particular, the use of some third-party tools, but their application to contacts on the phone can become possible only after hacking the operating system.

The first official way. Delete contacts individually

how to delete contacts on iphone

To erase an unnecessary phone number fromNotebook, we will be guided by the following simplest kind of instruction. So, first of all open the application called "contacts", as one would have guessed. Thus, we will get into a kind of menu, which will show us the list of telephone subscribers recorded in the book earlier. Then click on the contact, which, in fact, we need to remove. We will be redirected to the submenu. If you take a good look, you can notice a button called "change". It is located in the upper right corner. We press on it. Now scroll all to the bottom, where we notice a red button, the inscription on which can notify us that when you select the number will be deleted. It's called: "delete contact." It remains to confirm our choice to activate the erase operation. Well, that's all. Now you know how to delete a contact on the "iPhone 5 S" and can be sure that this number on the phone you will no longer meet.

The second official way. Delete contacts together

how to quickly remove contacts from iphone

Users who ask a question about what,how to delete contacts on the iPhone, often want to clear the notebook at once, literally in one touch. This can be done, the smartphone software allows you to perform such an operation. So, what do we need to do? There is one difference between the first and second way. Specifically, to use the second method (mass removal), we need a media combine, as it is called "ayos" users. This is a beloved aytyuns. Thus, the first step will be to connect the device to a personal computer or laptop and launch the corresponding program. We wait until synchronization is established. After that, click on our device in the upper right corner. To continue, click on the section called "information". If you notice a field called "sync contacts", put a tick in it. A little lower you can see the submenu. In it we choose "all contacts". Then leaf down, until we come across the section "additionally". In it we put another tick in front of the "contacts" field. At the bottom, on the right side you can find the "apply" button. Click on it. A window will be displayed. It will warn us that contacts from the phone will be permanently deleted. Confirm our choice. Now the user knows the answer to the question about how to quickly remove contacts from the iPhone.

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