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For those who do not know how to copy contacts from the iPhone

Common situation: you bought a brand new phone, insert your SIM card into it, check the folder with contacts, and - do not find anything in it. Do not panic. After all, almost every problem always has a solution.

We deal with the phone

how to copy contacts from iphone
So, we know that our favorite iPhonesdifferent brands and models, the common problem is the transfer of contact information from the device and to it. Therefore, the first and most elementary way how to copy contacts from the iPhone, unless, of course, you want to rewrite them manually is to drop the numbers on the computer. Here everything is simple. The phone is connected via a USB cable to the computer, the corresponding mode is selected in the mobile phone dialog box. Already through the computer you browse the contents of the folders of your phone, find the one you need with contacts. On the desktop of the computer, create a folder and there by "copy / paste" carry the necessary information about the numbers of your friends, acquaintances, etc. As you can see, we did not have special problems with how to copy contacts from the iPhone.

copy contacts from sim to iphone
A passing remark! If necessary, the reverse process, i.e. transfer the database from the SIM card to the phone's memory, proceed as follows:

  • in the general menu, select the "Settings" folder;
  • there, among the various items, we find the parameters "Mail, Contacts, Calendar";
  • the last point of how to copy contacts with the sim on the iPhone is to respond positively to the system's offer to "import sim contacts." And wait until the import is over.

Sometimes, the phone needs a flashing. It is made in specialized service centers. True, many advanced users of iPhones are able to do the whole process on their own. You just need to select and download from the Internet a new type of firmware (the main "chip" - to match the phone model), as well as a firmware upgrade program called "bootloader" on computer slang. We will not go into the details of reinstalling the system on the phone and all its parameters, we will only touch on how to copy contacts from the iPhone in this case:

  • keep contacts with iphone
    iTunes is launched. By pressing the Shift key, we set the "restore" parameter. At the same time, the firmware that you downloaded earlier is selected;
  • when the installation of the new OS and software are finished,we return to our "phone book". Open the application "Cydia". Through it we find one more utility we need - "SIManager". Install it in the phone and open it;
  • The next step in how to copy contacts withiPhone - click in the opened utility on the "Setup." We move the slider to "Fast read", choose the way of arrangement of registration of our contacts: first a surname, then a name or vice versa. And click on the "Save" option;
  • then again exit to the main menu. There we find the option "Save to SIM-card" ("Read from SIM"). At this point, you should wait a little while the application can connect to the mobile phone. And the last stage to keep contacts with the iPhone - when the connection occurred, select the copy point from iPhone to SIM ("Copy iPhone to SIM");
  • We are waiting for the completion and then safely use our phone for its intended purpose.

It should be noted that it is through the firmware that it is possible to transfer and store all contact data without errors.

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