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How to upload a movie to iPhone using iTunes

All video and audio files in the iPhone are transferred througha special program called iTunes. It is freely available on the network. After installing the software on your computer's hard drive, you must transfer the files in iTunes that you are going to add to your gadget. We'll tell you in detail how to upload a movie on iPhone.

It should be noted that all the iPhone reproducemovies and other videos only in the formats mp4 or m4v. Therefore, before adding favorite files to iTunes, make sure that they have this extension. If this is not the case, then either download the movies from the network in the required format, or convert them by the special program available.

how to upload a movie on iPhone
Then start iTunes. In the menu on the left, find the section "Media Library". After you click on it, a submenu will open at the bottom, in which the item "Movies" will be displayed. This is the section we are looking for. Go into it. On most of the screen you will see an empty window. It will need to add the necessary video files. This you can do by simply dragging the mouse from the hard drive of the movie.

All previous actions do not answer the question abouthow to upload a movie on the iPhone, since we did not do the main thing - we did not connect the gadget to the computer and did not transfer the video files to the smartphone. Now we will do it. Do this with a USB cable. Note that once you connect the laptop and gadget, the word "synchronization" appears on the screen of the last one. You need to wait until the synchronization happens. This will take a few minutes. While this process is happening, I want to repeat it again. Remember that when you ask about how to upload a movie on iPhone 4s, you will get exactly the same answer as you do now.

Let's continue. After synchronization is complete, add video files from the computer to the gadget.

how to download movies on iPone 4s
To do this, pay attention to the menu on the left. There is displayed in the "Device" section of your iPhone. Click on it. Most of the screen will take a menu with the data of your gadget. This does not answer the question of how to download a movie on the iPhone, but there were reports give you full information about the internal state of the software for your smartphone. In the top line of the window you will see the names of the sections. Select the "Video" among them and click on it. The program window will change. It will contain shortcuts to all the movies contained in iTunes, and the bottom line - information on how much space they occupy. Click the mouse for each shortcut, select the files that you want to add to the gadget. The last action, which will answer the question on how to upload a movie to iPone, will be a click in the bottom right corner of the menu program "Apply".
how to download a movie on iPhone 4
Next iTunes syncs, that is, copies all marked movies from your computer to your smartphone.

At first iTunes seems a bit complicatedand confusing. But when you get used to it, you will realize that this is an excellent file manager. And questions about how to download movies on the iPhone 4, how to transfer contacts from your computer to your Apple smartphone, and many others, just do not arise. In addition to transferring various files, with the help of software developed by Apple, you have access to the iTunes Store, which presents various applications for your gadget.

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