/ What video formats does the iPhone support: impressive features

What video formats does iPhone support: impressive features

What video formats does the iphone support?

It's sad, but Apple can notboast of "omnivorous" ability of their gadgets. The media formats that are reproduced by the device are limited to several generally accepted standards. But is this a defect in the device of impeccable quality? And anyway, what video formats does the iPhone support?

To see is necessary in the root!

Certainly, somehow it becomes insulting fora practical device when you hear disgruntled criticism about the functional part of the multimedia capabilities of the iPhone. Many users of Apple products are quite satisfied with the consistency of their gadgets in terms of demonstrating visually perceptible material. Let's define the question of what video formats the iPhone supports?

  • H.264, 720p scan, 30fps / s, 3.1 level profile, AAC-LC sound 160 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, stereo sound .mp4, and also .mov.
  • MPEG4 up to 2.5 Mbit / s, 640x480 pixels, 30 fps., AAC-LC sound 160 kbps, 48 ​​kHz, stereo sound .mp4, and also .mov.
  • Motion.jpeg "video monitor"

    What video formats does iphon 4S support?

    To date, the owners of "apple"smartphones can well expand the multimedia capabilities of their devices. The App Store can solve any difficulty associated with the problematic reproduction of a video format. Therefore, the answer to the question about what video formats the iPhone 4S supports, being on the market one of the most popular and demanded by the consumer from all existing, qualitatively expands.

    A source of joy for the eyes

    The first thing you should pay attention to whenusing an iPhone device, is a realistic display of the picture on the phone screen. High-quality color reproduction of the display allows you to truly enjoy the visual perception of the viewed images or movies.

    Amazing Extensions

    An important fact of superiority over the maina lot of competitors can be considered the productivity and efficiency of the installed (from the application store) video player, which certainly has the capabilities of a universal player and quite competently opens and reproduces virtually any multimedia formats. A logically exhaustive answer to the question about what video formats the iPhone 4 supports is the word "all"! Of course, provided you install the appropriate software.

    What video formats does the iphone 4 support?

    Be always leading!

    Control and interaction with the phone in nothingDo not limit the user. Moreover, the owner of Apple products is physically able to feel the ease and simplicity of manipulating the video material. Rewind, play various segments of multimedia content, instant stop, continue playback without braking and the presence of a "wise" option to memorize the place (fragment) on which the show was interrupted - all these features are provided by the gadget.


    Programs for converting video cangreatly facilitate the life of any moviegoer. If your smartphone refuses to play any video format, just use one of these applications. It is worth noting that quite a large number of converters are distributed absolutely free of charge. Therefore, there is no reason to worry, your iPhone will always be in a trend!

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