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How to restart your iPhone yourself

If suddenly your mobile device is unknownreasons stops responding to any user requests, then by itself there is a question about how to reset the iPhone. There can be a lot of reasons for the occurrence of "hangs". For example, a newly installed program or applications might have affected it, which you still have to delete. This applies especially to beta versions of programs. Or maybe the user forgot to read the reviews about the iPhone, and it turned out to be Chinese and not of the best quality, so the iPhone reboots unreasonably and constantly?

how to restart iphone

For a start, do not rush, you need to waitminutes 5 - it happens that during this time the device is completely restored, and it will work fine. You can try to close the application that caused the problem by clicking on the Home button.

In case of failure of the first method,try to solve the problem differently - the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons are clamped simultaneously and held until the display goes out. Then you can continue to press the keys for the device to automatically turn on. Otherwise, you have to use the Sleep / Wake button again.

This action completely reboots the iPhoneand the device is restored. The last step to the normal functioning of the device will be the removal of the program that causes the "hang".

iphone reboots

How to restart the iPhone if it does notsee a SIM card? Sometimes it really helps, but in most cases it has absolutely no effect. In such situations, it is recommended to seek qualified help from a service center, since you can deal with this breakdown only if the user understands this technique. The source of the problem can be even a card reader, especially when the device is often hit or dropped. You can use in this situation a fairly simple method of repair - just remove the SIM card and put it back in place.

In the event that the network is still not found,The cause of the failure can also be covered in the SIM card itself. In this situation, how do I reset the iPhone myself? To make sure that this device is broken, you can use another SIM-card and check the connection. If the replacement of "Sims" for another connection appeared, then the cause of the problem lies precisely in it. In this case, you should contact the operator's office and replace the SIM, because the reboot process in this situation will not help.

reloads iphone

Another cause of malfunction may beincorrect version of the firmware. How can I restart the iPhone in this case? It is likely that the "firmware" will need to be reinstalled or updated - here, again, you need the help of a professional. Because in this state of working capacity, the iPhone becomes a useless device that does not always respond adequately to user commands, including reboots.

Problems can arise even with the iPhone, despiteto all his perfection. With the zero result of the operation for the simplest reboot, its owner is strongly advised not to fix the problem on its own, it is better to use the help of a professional skilled craftsman.

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