/ How to get rid of black points on the face

How to get rid of black points on the face

The most common cosmetic problem,It prevents women from looking flawless, these are black dots, or comedones. They can appear in any person, and it does not depend on age, type of skin and the peculiarities of caring for it. The question of how to get rid of black spots is of interest to most women.

how to get rid of black spots
The appearance of comedones on the face, although it does not delivergreat problems, but requires treatment. After all, these are clogged pores, therefore, inflammation can occur, and they also spoil the appearance. Why are these blackheads black? When the skin gets dust and dirt, there is a blockage of pores with sebum. When the pores are open, on contact with the air their contents turn black. If you do not remove black dots on time or remove them incorrectly, the pores can become inflamed, which will cause a strong acne.

Quickly get rid of the black points will not work,complex skin care is needed. And not always suitable for this expensive cosmetic products. Much more effective natural - those that you have prepared yourself. Therefore, every woman should know how to get rid of black spots on her own.

quickly get rid of black spots

Very well fights with all kinds of blackheads lemon. There are several recipes for its use. You can simply moisten a cotton swab with lemon juice and attach to the skin, a softer option - mix lemon juice with olive oil. This mixture needs to massage the problem areas and leave for 15 minutes. Or prepare a scrub from the juice of lemon and sugar, it effectively removes black dots. A good mask that not only cleanses the skin, but also has a beneficial effect on its condition, is a mixture of 2 spoons of natural yogurt, 3 spoons of ground oatmeal and a spoonful of lemon juice. This mass, applied for 20 minutes on the face, makes the skin clean and smooth.

How to get rid of black dots with helpmask-films? This option is preferable for people with dry skin, since such products do not require flushing, and after drying they are removed together with black dots and the upper dead skin layer. Most often they are made on the basis of gelatin. Apply such a mask to a thick layer on the pre-heated face. Gelatin can not be boiled, so that it does not lose its properties, dilute it better with hot milk, chamomile broth, cucumber juice or aloe. For a greater effect, you can add crushed activated carbon to the mask, since it is an excellent adsorbent. It is also useful to add honey, this will make the mask more effective.

get rid of black spots forever
There are other ways to get rid of blackpoints. For example, washing the face with kefir or curdled milk helps well, as lactic acid dissolves sebum. In addition, black dots do not like peeling. You can massage problem areas with salt or soda, diluted with milk or soapy water, make a scrub of oat flakes or white clay. Or apply the leaves of aloe. Also, ground and steamed flax seeds.

To get rid of black points forever is unlikelyIt turns out, but you can reduce their number. To do this, properly cleanse the face, minimize the use of fatty creams and alcohol-based products, do a regular mild peeling and cleansing masks.

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