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Tool for removing black dots: how to use?

Skin problems appear in many people. One of them is black dots. For this, there are professional devices that allow you to safely get rid of a skin defect. In this case, you do not need to contact a beautician. It is only necessary to correctly use the tool to remove black dots.

Variety of tools

Tools for removing black dots aredifferent. They can be purchased in regular stores and online. Devices have an affordable price, and the procedure with them is less traumatic than manual cleaning.

tool for removing black dots

Cosmetic tool for removing blackpoints can have different names. This is a cosmetic applicator, an extractor. These tools look like a metal rod with tips. They are permanent and removable, they are used for mechanical cleaning of the pores of the skin. The devices made of stainless steel are created, which are subjected to special treatment. Tools are considered strong, and for a long time you do not need sharpening. In order not to slip the hand, the handle is made rippled.

Applicators are convenient because they are attached to the tips. By type of nozzle are:

  • Vidal's loop.
  • Needle Vidal.
  • Boat Uno.
  • Sieve.

Each device allows you to effectively perform the procedure. You just need to use them correctly.

Vidal's loop

The tip is presented in the form of a small loop. Made of metal, like the rest of the device. The tool helps to eliminate contamination of pores. How to use the tool to remove black dots? The skin should be cleaned of dirt, and then steam out your face. The loop should be positioned so that the black dot is in the middle. You need to press the tool to remove the pore content.

how to use the tool to remove black dots

It is important to use caution in the application of the hinge. It has thin edges, so due to strong pressure it is possible to damage the skin. If the contents do not come out, it is even better to steam out the skin or use another nozzle. Vidal's loop is excellent for acne, which protrude above the surface of the skin.

Spoon Uno and strainer

The tool for removing black dots is different in size and number of holes. Their purpose is to mechanically clean the face. A Uno spoon is used in the likeness of Vidal's loop, but it is not traumatic.

If there are many acne, you can use a strainer. With the pressure of the spoon and the strainer, they should be shifted after the elimination of sebum. This allows you to make the procedure hygienic. The tool must be cleaned. The advantages include:

  • Hygiene.
  • Painless.
  • Ease of use.
  • Deep cleansing.
  • Security.

Vidal's Needle

The device is applied when the pimplesare deep in the skin. The needle passes through a film that is on the pores. The procedures should be followed after steaming the skin. Care must be taken because the skin can be damaged due to the sharp tip.

cosmetology tool for removing black dots

Universal device

This tool for removing black dots can beto acquire as a separate apparatus, in which the tips are not removable. It is convenient to use such a device from QVS. The company produces a variety of tools and accessories that are perfect for quality skin care.

Applicator allows you to output single comedoneswith the use of a loop, and also pierce the large eels with a needle. If you properly use the instrument, disinfect it, then you can independently perform such procedures. As a result, the skin becomes well-groomed.

Using special tools in facial care not only simplifies the procedure, but also makes it more professional and safe.

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