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The causes of seborrhea on the face

The problem of seborrhea on the faceindicates a skin disease. Especially this pathology is common among adolescents. It is during puberty that failures occur in the sebaceous glands. This leads to the appearance of seborrhea on the face.

seborrhea on the face
The malfunctioning of the glands iscause that the skin is covered with greasy film. This leads to the appearance of acne, exfoliation of skin scales. This causes reddening of the epidermis. The appearance of seborrhea on the face makes the skin unpleasant to the touch and ugly. There are several types of this pathology, which differ from each other in their features.

Oily seborrhea on the face (photo you see below)gives a lot of trouble. It, as a rule, arises in people with a swarthy skin. With this pathology, sebaceous glands produce a large amount of fat. He covers large areas of the face with thick film.

seborrhea on face photo
There is seborrhea dry. With this pathology, the face becomes covered with inflamed small scales. This disease is most often affected by people with light pale skin.

When mixed seborrhea appears on the face with a thick film, the nose, forehead and chin are covered. The cheeks are flaky.

Symptoms of seborrhea are:

- expansion of pores;
- Skin peeling;
- greasy shine;
- itching;
- gray complexion;
- acne or rashes of black spots;
- bloody crusts (with a running form).

Each type of pathology at any stage involves timely treatment. From the speed of the beginning of therapy depends on the course of the disease.

First of all, you should seek adviceto a specialist. He will recommend multivitamins, the reception of which is necessary for any kind of pathology. A wonderful effect on the body of the patient will have such vitamins as Retinol, Thiamine, ascorbic acid and Riboflavin. Can be prescribed by a doctor and such means as bromine, calcium chloride and sodium thiosulfate.

Local treatment should also be prescribedspecialist. It is strictly individual. Of great importance in getting rid of seborrhea on the face are procedures for the release of the ducts of the sebaceous excretory glands. Their goal is to remove the traffic jams that have clogged them. For this, steam baths are used.

With compacted acne, paraffin wax is recommendedmask. When they are carried out, the temperature of the deep layers of the skin rises and sweating increases. However, it should be borne in mind that paraffin therapy for hypertension, disorders in the work of the nervous system and diseases of the blood vessels and heart is contraindicated.

In the event that there is oily seborrhea onface, treatment can be performed using ultraviolet irradiation. This procedure will allow the infiltrates to dissolve on the skin. Appearance of the peeling will help to cleanse the mouths of the sebaceous glands from the plugs. A magnificent therapeutic effect will be obtained with sea bathing and sunbathing.

oily seborrhea on face treatment
When seborrhea appears, one of the measures to eliminatepathology should be a diet. It is recommended to avoid abundant meals, as well as floury, fatty, very salty and sweet dishes. Black bread should be included in the menu. It is useful to eat vegetable salads, fish, boiled meat, porridges and dairy products.

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