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Black dots on the face

Many people in their lives have come acrosssuch a phenomenon as black dots on the face, and they arise at any age. Unpleasant moments these points deliver a lot. The face acquires a stale and untidy appearance, while losing any attractiveness. Such points on the face are called comedones. They arise as a result of blockage of the sebaceous glands. These glands are especially active in the area of ​​the T-zone, so this place is considered the most problematic. Even regular and thorough washing and exfoliation of the skin can sometimes stop the appearance of these points and eliminate the greasy shine of the face.

Some mistakenly think that black dots onface - a piece of dust or dirt, which clogged the pores. This opinion is erroneous. In fact, the pores are clogged with skin fat, which then oxidizes and gives them a dark color. If you do not fight with comedones, the place of their stay will eventually be inflamed, which will inevitably lead to the appearance of acne, since the skin will be deprived of the ability to breathe. To eliminate this problem, a single cleaning of the face is indispensable. The process of elimination must be carried out regularly, and only in this case one can not doubt the success.

At home, you can apply the famousmany ways to eliminate the black dots on the face. It consists in steaming the skin over the steam bath. Everyone knows how to do this. Then, using a scrub, scrape the black dots out of the pores. But if the skin is sensitive or prone to couperose, then in this case you need to exercise extreme caution. The fact that an incorrectly selected scrub can be aggressive towards the skin, so its use can trigger the onset of an infection that spreads quickly over the face and irritates the skin even more.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequencesindependent cleansing of the face, it is more expedient to resort to the cosmetologist's service. Mechanical cleaning, applied by him, is somewhat painful and unpleasant, but gives a good positive result. In the beginning, the face is also steamed so that the pores maximally expand. Then, with a special spatula with an opening at the end, the beautician proceeds to clean the pores, squeezing out comedones. With this method, the pores are deeply cleansed. Regular use of it will allow you to forget about such an unpleasant phenomenon for a long time.

With the help of ultrasonic cleaning also removedblack dots on the face. At first, the skin is cleaned with a light peel. Then a conductive gel is applied to the face. On it a special scapula is driven by a cosmetologist. This allows you to remove the top layer of the so-called epidermis, which helps to renew the skin and remove black dots.

There is another method of getting rid of comedones. It consists in the vacuum cleaning of the face. Here, a vacuum tube with a reduced pressure inside is used. It extracts black dots by the method of exhaustion. Before this procedure, the face is also steamed. This technique is less effective, but it has an important advantage - the ability to treat hard-to-reach areas of the face.

Currently, almost all salons offerto treat black points by chemical peeling. It consists in the use of fruit acids. With the help of them, dissolution of comedones occurs, and the pores are deeply cleansed. After such procedure there is a fine updating of a skin of the face.

In order to prevent this occurrenceblack dots, it is necessary to perform prophylactic treatment of the face. There is nothing complicated in it. It is enough to cleanse the skin of the face regularly, without fail to remove makeup before bed.

Apply preferably only those cosmetics that will not clog pores. If you follow all these rules for skin care, then the face will always look attractive.

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