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How to get rid of black dots on the nose at home

How to get rid of black dots on the nose? Many would like to find an answer to this question. This problem concerns both men and women, and the reason for all is the accumulated mud in the pores of the skin. It should be noted right away that it is impossible to remove black dots forever, as the production of sebum always occurs. It only requires regular cleaning of the pores, which will make the points invisible. Of course, you can use the services of a beautician, but it will be expensive, because facial care is needed regularly. Therefore, I recommend considering how to get rid of black dots on the nose at home. All methods are time-tested and easy to use.

How to get rid of black points on the nose yourself

1. Let's start with deep cleaning of the pores. You can use a steam bath of herbal decoctions, or you can simply moisten a piece of tissue in a hot broth, squeeze out and put on the nose for ten minutes. Then we remove the fabric and stick a cleansing strip on the steamed nose for fifteen minutes. The effect will be visible immediately. All dirt remains on the inner surface of the strip.

2. If you can not get the strips, prepare them yourself. Mix in a glass container a tablespoon of gelatin and a spoon of warm milk. We put this mixture in a microwave, turn on the average power and wait ten minutes. Swell the mass a little cold and apply a thick layer on the nose. We are waiting for it to completely freeze, it will take about fifteen minutes and very carefully remove it from the nose. All the dirt that was in the pores, now left on a gelatin film. After, it is necessary to narrow the pores as much as possible by wiping the skin of the nose with lotion.

3. Black dots can be made almost invisible if you rub your skin with lemon juice or ascorbic acid. To do this, we dilute the lemon juice in the same amount of water, i. E. in half. Or open the ampoule with ascorbic acid and a cotton disc to treat the skin.

4. There is another folk remedy for black dots - kefir. Yes, the most common yogurt is able to dissolve the contamination in the pores and make the face much cleaner, thanks to the acid contained in it. Apply kefir to problem areas, leave for seven minutes and rinse with water. The mask is very simple and effective.

5. A wonderful and effective remedy for black spots is a mask of coriander juice and turmeric. Natural ingredients will help you in the shortest time to solve the problem of dirty pores. A teaspoon of coriander juice is combined with half a teaspoon of turmeric. Every day, treat your face with this compound every morning. If you do not have coriander juice, replace it with coriander.

6. Oat flakes are a good "brush" for the face. Take a couple of spoons of cereal, chop it in any available way and pour a little warm water until you get a gruel. Apply the mask for twenty minutes, and when it is washed off, gently massage the contaminated skin.

7. In addition to masks, it is necessary to use a lotion, which can also be prepared by yourself. We take two parts of the cucumber juice and fill it with one part of the vodka. Wipe this face several times a day.
Another option: a tablespoon of liquid marigold mixed with one glass of mineral water and rub the problem areas of the skin.
Try to prepare a vitamin lotion against the dots. In 100 ml of hot water, dissolve several vitamin C tablets. Use this lotion twice a day, especially paying attention to the problem area.

And finally, remember that the abuse of fattyfood, coffee and alcohol, causes black spots to appear. Therefore, before you get rid of the black points on the nose, adjust your daily diet and get rid of bad habits.

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