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Cosmetics "Pure Line: Perfect Skin". Customer Reviews

Today it is much easier for women to saveyouth and beauty, rather than their predecessors about 100 years ago. This is helped by a wide range of cosmetics. Special care requires skin. With the right selection and application of the necessary tools, it will retain a healthy appearance and attractiveness for a long time.

clean line perfect skin reviews

Clean line. A new line of "Ideal Skin"

Well-known in the perfume market seriesCosmetics "Clean line. Ideal skin. " Comments from consumers about the quality of the new line of funds are mostly positive. Each contributes to the overall care of the face. Unites their presence of natural components that make up the product.

Instant dullness. Aqua-cream

The admirers of this brand note that the novelty -aqua-cream - in fact makes the skin matte, does not leave a greasy shine and serves as an excellent foundation for make-up. By consistency, it is more liquid than any other cream "Clean line. Ideal skin. " Lays down easily and absorbed immediately. Has a fresh and pleasant smell. It can be applied to the powder to obtain the desired skin color. That's just the duration of the effect after applying not all consumers are happy. It is noted that the haze persists for 5-6 hours (instead of 12, promised by the manufacturer).

pure line perfect skin

Remedy for acne. Cream-active

It is impossible not to note the cream-asset "Clean line. Ideal skin. " Reviews about it are mostly positive. Its main functional focus is the elimination of cosmetic defects. Consumers say that it is a universal remedy, because it perfectly moisturizes the skin. You can use it at the beginning of the day, and at night. Also cream-active protects the skin from weathering in frosty weather. In its composition has zinc and tea tree oil. Therefore, it eliminates minor redness, irritation, appearing on the face for various reasons. The effect of the drug is visible after 3 days after the application. Ideal for skin care for adolescents with the appearance of acne.

Means for washing

The gel contains chamomile, mint and zinc. He does an excellent job of his task, as well as all other means of the group "Clean Line. Ideal skin. " Feedback from users regarding the effectiveness of the gel is generally also good. It perfectly cleanses the skin and reduces the amount of inflammation on the face.

Tool against black dots

The lotion penetrates deeply into the skin and helps reduce the number of black spots. In the composition has herbal tea, zinc, aloe vera. Its daily use makes the skin much cleaner.

cream pure line perfect skin

Accessibility for customers

What attracts consumers is the pricecosmetics "Clean line. Ideal skin. " Feedback from regular customers speaks of price accessibility. The cost, quality of products and economy in use contribute to the popularity of the brand.


The skin requires constant care. Natural masks made at home, or a tool purchased in the store - this is the decision of everyone. The main thing is systemic. And the result of your efforts will be evident, more precisely, on the face.

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