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A gift from a natural series of cosmetics: shampoo "Clean Line"

The health of a woman is the color of her face, the skin turgor,shine of the eyes, and, of course, the condition of the hair. Brilliant, reflecting the sun, wavy or straight, health-blossoming hair is the key to success for men, as well as a criterion for the health of their owners.

Who among us did not dream of a luxurious spit, whichCan not you hold your hand? Or about a smart hairstyle, which can be made only from a shock of healthy and strong hair? A stylish haircut, which is suitable only for thick and beautiful hair?

These are dreams that are currently possibleto realize, because the shampoo "Clean Line" gives for this all the possibilities. Created on natural herbs, using ancient recipes (and our grandmothers, by God, knew it!), The cosmetics "Clean Line" takes into account all the wishes of a modern woman, and offers such a wide range of products that make the choice becomes very difficult .

For hair care, the series offers shampoo"Clean Line", developed by modern technology. It is represented by fine shampoos corresponding to different types of hair. Among them there are shampoos for oily hair with herbs that can dry the fatty skin of the head, reduce sweating, block the work of the sebaceous glands. Calendula and sage, which are part of shampoos for oily hair, have a beneficial effect on the hair, make them healthier and stronger. Regularly using the "Clean Line" shampoo, you can achieve tremendous success and reduce the procedure of washing hair to 3 or even 2 times a week, instead of the daily traditional morning wash.

Shampoo for dry hair gives shine and livelinesshair, makes them stronger, eliminates the itching of the skin. This shampoo and balm for hair "Clean Line" allows you to smoothly comb the most naughty hair after washing, and give them silky.

Means for washing hair for daily useuse does not lead to thinning and deterioration of the appearance of the hair, they are not aggressive. In their composition are plant ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair, and are not habit-forming. Shampoo for normal hair with extracts of chamomile slightly tones the hair, gives them a sunny shade. Shampoo with nettles for normal hair perfectly flushes dirt and dust, and they can be used every day.

Of course, to say that only the applicationshampoo can fix the condition of the hair, it would be presumptuous. Nutrition, lifestyle, and the state of the nervous system are all factors that directly affect your hair. But still to deny the role of cosmetics to care for your locks would be ridiculous. Who among us did not notice how, sometimes when changing shampoo suddenly there is an unexpected guest - dandruff? Or do hair suddenly become dull and difficult to comb? A shampoo "Clean Line" is the very case when you will not regret changing the hair care product, and will return to it again and again.

If your hair is clean and healthy, it's about time.to do their packing. "Clean line", hair foam, will be your assistant in this art, and you will appreciate its excellent qualities, thanks to which the hair will retain a fixed shape for a long time, will not disintegrate under the influence of fog or drizzle. Strong fixation of the foam for the hair from the "Clean Line" is another gift for women, which makes it look great in any weather. Even if you have very little time in the morning to tidy yourself up, the styling foam will help you quickly fix your hair, and with the help of a warm air dryer you can finish this process in a matter of minutes. Penka has another undoubted advantage: if by the end of the day you find it necessary to brush up your hair, wet your hair and lay the comb and the hair dryer again, without the use of foam, you will see that the properties of the foam keep the volume still remain in effect!

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