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Essence - cosmetics for young girls

Essence brand in the cosmetics marketrecently. The range of products of this brand is very diverse. The affordable price allows "Essentz" to be popular with young girls aged 12 to 25 years. The company, which represents the brand "Essence" (Essence), was founded in 2001 in Germany. Its creator, Christina Oster-Daum, has chosen Cosmova's cosmetics line for young girls who are not afraid to experiment with color, want to create new images and be attractive at their age.

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"Essence Cosmetics is all you need!"Under such a slogan, the company" Kosnova "produced decorative cosmetics of the brand" Essentz ". In 2007, according to readers of the fashion magazine in Germany, friable blush became the most favorite decorative means of the year and Essence cosmetics received a premium for the best cosmetic. In the same year, it falls on the first place in the ranking of the best-selling cosmetic brands in Germany. The range of products of "Koshna" is constantly growing. In addition to the regular line, the manufacturer produces limited collections of decorative cosmetics, taking into account the fashion trends that correspond to the season and the upcoming holidays.

In the Russian market Essence cosmetics appearedonly in 2010, but has already earned the trust and love of customers. To create a make-up, girls are happy to buy masking aids, make-up basics, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, powder, mascara, nail polish, lip gloss.

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Also in demand is the Pure skin series("Pure skin") brand Essence - cosmetics for the care of young skin, which is specially designed by the company to help young girls in achieving a perfect appearance. The series includes cleansing - Clear, Care - Care, acupuncture acupuncture - Treat, antibacterial masking correctors and foundation. Essence cosmetics provides everything you need for a young skin, which corresponds to the company's slogan. "Pure skin" is a full-fledged care for problem areas during the adolescent period. You can choose the directional action that is most needed for the skin, or use the entire series, picking up your care individually. If more thorough cleaning is required, then the means must be selected for deep cleansing. To combat imperfection of the skin, the company provides a gel for point application and an acne remedy that is applied directly to the site of inflammation. To clean the pores, there are convenient strips for the T-zone and nose. All products are presented in a compact package, which is convenient to take with you on the road. When the perfection of the skin leaves no doubt, it remains to make up - and you are irresistible!

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Essence - cosmetics, allowing young girlsEnjoying life. If your desire is to purchase at an affordable price quality skin care products or decorative cosmetics with a variety of color palette, and if you want to buy new items and be in the trend, then your choice is Essence cosmetics! Where can I buy? In shops of perfumery and cosmetics, in Internet shops. Make your choice and be beautiful!

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