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Bacardi rum. How to drink and enjoy?

Such drinks as rum do not cease to becomethe subject of experiments among the best bartenders in the world. It is on the basis of rum that original alcoholic cocktails are made according to taste. Bacardi rum - how to drink? This article is devoted to this article.

Black bat in the red circle ... It's rumof the brand Bacardi. The world trade mark already more than 150 years gives to fans of strong drinks an unforgettable aroma and the refined taste. The technology of production is distinguished by its culture and traditions. Describe Bacardi can be so: freedom, passion, fun, pleasure, joyful smiles of your beloved friends.

A good drink requires due respect. Only in this case it is possible to feel the fullness of taste and aroma. And now you open the Bacardi rum. How to drink such a drink? A topical issue that deserves a detailed answer.

We will analyze the Bacardi brand drink from the Gold series. The drink has a thin golden hue and a unique soft taste. In contrast to the rum of the Superior series, the golden Bacardi is slightly stronger in taste, due to this it is considered the most successful aperitif, especially if mixed with tonic, or juice. Cocktails containing rum are usually decorated with fruit lobes, Bengal lights or umbrellas.

In order to understand what Bacardi is drinking,It is worthwhile to understand what you want to get from a drink and in what setting you will use it. There is a considerable amount of cocktails, but rum is quite versatile in use. So, for example, for a long conversation or a quiet rest after a hard day you can use a pure rum with ice. The subtle bitterness will be successfully quenched by the coolness of the ice, a symbolic fruit snack will dilute the bright aftertaste. To this drink it is customary to serve a variety of fruits, most often citrus fruits, which are cut into small slices or slices.

Let's say you chose the main party drinkBacardi rum. How to drink, or rather, how to serve it to guests? In such cases, cocktails come to the rescue. Now you are able to open the other side of this noble drink. Movement, entertainment, smiles and even drive. Knowledge of how to properly and with what rum Bacardi Gold drink on noisy parties, guarantee you an extraordinary effect.

Option one. The famous cocktail "Cuba Libre". Feel free. The history of the elementary cocktail has rather serious historical roots. Today in the so-called "island of freedom" is incredibly popular rum Bacardi. How to drink this drink, did not think much. While in 1893, as you know, Cuba did not achieve its independence from Spain. In honor of this holiday, an American officer raised a toast, mixing beforehand the rum Bakardi with the legendary drink of America - Coca-Cola. In honor of the most popular slogan of those years, this tandem of two drinks began to be called "Cuba Libre". Give yourself and your guests a sense of freedom and joy. Dilute 4: 1 coca-cola and Bacardi rum. How to drink, most likely, you do not need to explain. In a nutshell: without fanaticism!

Option two. Favorite and revered drink of Ernest Hemingway. Cocktail "Bacardi-Daiquiri" (Bacardi-Daiquiri). Suitable for noisy parties, and for social gatherings. It is not difficult to cook it. We need 40 ml of rum Bacardi Gold, lime juice (lemon as an alternative is suitable, but this is "not right"), half a spoonful (tea) of sugar and ice. Ice is crushed and all the ingredients are placed in a shaker. A little shake and ready. A teaspoon of grenadine will add sophistication to this cocktail. This is a less classic application of rum drink Bacardi Gold. How to drink, in which glasses to serve - purely individual things. You, as they say, know better.

Now you are able to complete only one drinkcolors any evening. Unique and universal is the rum of Bacardi Gold, as not everyone knows how to drink. Surprise me. Fantasize. All in your hands.

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