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Cosmetics Lumen. Customer Reviews

Lumene was founded in one thousand nine hundredthe seventieth year. Its name is associated with the Finnish lake, which is located near the town of Kuhmoinen, where the enterprise is located. The company Lumene is engaged in the production of cosmetics for the skin. The list of its products includes whey and cream, shadows, mascara and many other means.

Lumen cosmetics reviews
Has received cosmetics "Lumen"as an inexpensive, but high-quality product. At the same time, the company is on the way to its constant improvement, producing new, improved products from year to year. In two thousand and two years a new plant was put into operation, which meets all modern requirements.

The company started with the production of chemicalmeans designed to clean various surfaces. A few years later the assortment was significantly expanded. And now Finnish cosmetics "Lumen" is known all over the world. The brand includes decorative cosmetics intended for all ages. Included in it and the means to carry out care for the body and face.

Receives cosmetics "Lumen" reviews fromthe customers are mostly positive. This is made possible by strict quality control, which passes the products before it reaches the world market. The specialists of the company conduct special tests of cosmetics for allergenicity.

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Production of high-quality natural productsis carried out under the slogan "The Secret of Arctic Nature". He points out the main components of all the means of the Lumen line. The composition of the company's products includes plants and berries of the Arctic endowed with curative power of water. And it is not surprising that cosmetics "Lumen" reviews from its customers receive as an effective and healthful product. Popular products of this brand and among men. For them, a series has been developed that allows caring for the face, the body. Included in it as well and deodorants.

A huge range of cosmetics(pencils, ink, glitter, lipsticks, etc.) presents cosmetics "Lumen". Reviews of its use indicate the popularity of products among young girls. All means of this brand carefully care for the skin and are distinguished by the brightness of colors and firmness.

The world-famous Finnish company produces a series that allows you to care for your nails. It includes a cream for cuticles, varnishes. Enter it and the funds that strengthen the nail plate.

Lumene products are divided into agegroup. For each of them, the skin features are taken into account. For example, the "Premium Beauty" series is characterized by the inclusion of sea-buckthorn seeds in the cosmetics. This product is designed for women over 50 years of age. Active components of cosmetics allow the epidermis to be enriched with oxygen, which gives the skin the opportunity to become elastic, elastic and healthy.

Finnish cosmetics lumen
Among young people, decorative cosmetics are popular"Lumen". Tonal means are in great demand. They allow to give the skin a radiant shine. Thin cilia are literally transformed when using carcasses "Lumen". This tool allows you to significantly increase their volume. Popular lipsticks and pencils, shadows and powder, as well as nail polish, produced by the company.

Budget "Lumen" cosmetics, the price of whichcompletely acceptable, accessible to everyone. The cost of the company's products depends on the series produced. To purchase any means of decorative cosmetics will need from one hundred to five hundred rubles. The products of the Lumene Arctic Acgua line are sold at a price of one hundred to two hundred rubles. The means of the "Excellent Future" series cost from five hundred to eight hundred rubles.

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