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Comedones - what is this phenomenon and how to deal with it?

Human skin is a complex organ that performsa large number of functions, one of which is the protection of internal organs from external influences, as well as the release of harmful substances with sweat. The skin is constantly in contact with an aggressive external environment, so it is forced to develop protective mechanisms.

It is not surprising that the covers without proper caredo not look too attractive. Inflammations, small vessels, redness and swelling, as well as the most common problem - comedones. What it is? Just the scientific name of black dots, often appearing on the forehead, chin and nose, especially in the owners of oily and combination skin.

Comedones on the face arise even in those whoregularly and thoroughly cleans the covers, as they do not always appear on the surface. The mechanism of their appearance is this: the excess of sebum clogs the pores, and eventually oxidizes and darkens. If bacteria get into this environment, inflammation can begin, including in the deeper layers of the skin. Among other things, black dots look simply unaesthetic.

Many girls invent different waysgetting rid of this scourge: they steal a face and squeeze them out with their hands or with a special tool, make masks from comedones, constantly cleanse the skin. However, in this case you can not joke - it is best to contact a dermatologist-cosmetologist, and not in the salon, but in the clinic.

comedones that this
First, the doctor will select the necessary funds,which will take care of the skin correctly, without drying it and not clogging the pores. Secondly, he will talk about some procedures that will help get rid of this problem - peeling and cleansing. Regular peeling with suitable means will help to cope with such a problem as comedones. What is this procedure? This is a cleansing of the skin, which acts more efficiently than scrub, gommage and washing. The skin gets rid of dead cells, looks healthier and velvety, so even those who are unfamiliar with the problem of black spots, it is better not to neglect the peelings.
Comedones on the face

Another procedure, designed to savecomedones, this is skin cleansing. They are different, they operate at different depths and are carried out by various instruments. Still, there are still popular manual and instrumental types of cleansing that help clean comedones. What it is? With manual cleaning, the beautician acts with his hands, and with an instrumental tool - with a curette.

masks from comedones
With a negligent attitude towards disinfectiontools can get much more serious skin problems. In addition, this procedure is quite painful. Ultrasonic cleaning of the facial skin acts much softer and almost does not irritate the integument. The effect of it is not always visible at once, but with significant skin contamination, it is better to think about other procedures.

Of course, the result after salon proceduresmust be maintained by home care. Nourishing and moisturizing creams should be chosen with the notation "not medicated", especially if the skin is prone to fat. Do not get carried away with alcohol lotions, because they overdry cover and cause increased secretion of sebum. Picking up the right tools and regularly using them, a woman with time, perhaps in some conversation, even puzzled to ask: "Comedones? What is it?".

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