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Frequent pulse: causes and treatment

Recently, people are increasingly complaining aboutcardiopalmus. And the rapid pulse arises in completely different situations, even when the person remains in a calm position. It can not be said that a frequent pulse signals the disease all the time, because it becomes fast after physical exertion, jogging, or in people with high nervous excitability.

However, if the rapid heartbeat occurs evenin a calm state, it is necessary to consult the doctor, since problems with the activity of the heart may be revealed. A heart rate pulse is considered already in the event that it exceeds 80 beats per minute in an adult. This condition is called tachycardia. And it can be observed not only because of the disease of the cardiovascular system, but also after any loads.

Frequent pulse
If there is a frequent pulse, the reasons for thisyou can determine the following: hot weather, drinking alcohol or coffee, smoking, emotional stress, nervous tension, stress. Also, the cause of tachycardia can be an infectious disease, a decrease in blood pressure, damage to the heart muscles and circulatory failure. The presence of inflammatory process, tumor, intoxication, foci of tissue disintegration can also cause a frequent pulse. Organic cause of tachycardia may be vegetative-vascular dystonia or other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

If the heart palpitations are not associated withviolations of the structure of the heart or blood vessels, it does not carry a particular danger. However, you should be careful if the causes of the increase are serious enough, it can lead to arrhythmic shock, acute heart failure, stroke, asthma of the heart.

Frequent pulse treatment
It is necessary to undergo a thorough examination if you notice a rapid pulse. Treatment of the disease depends on the causes that cause it. Diagnosis is carried out by a cardiologist with ECG and ultrasound of the heart.

In order for the pulse to return to normal,first of all, calm down. To do this, it is desirable to additionally drink a sedative: Validol, Corvalolum, Pustropil, Valerianum. Be sure to pay attention to the drug that you are taking, as it can provoke an increase in tachycardia. It is advisable to exclude from the diet products that increase blood pressure. If you have extra weight, you need to get rid of it.

Frequent pulse of the cause
If a frequent pulse does not pass even after theand you need a stronger medicine, then consult a doctor. Otherwise, self-medication can aggravate the situation. Moreover, the doctor will be more difficult to diagnose in this case.

If a rapid pulse is observed,Ensure the access of cool air to the room and sit down. You can drink water, preferably cool. To reduce the rhythm, you can use a light neck massage around the carotid artery, and you need to remember that you can not carry it out immediately from both sides.

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