/ What is the normal pulse of a person?

What is the normal pulse of a person?

What is the normal pulse? The answer to this question simply can not be unambiguous, because the body of each person is very individual. However, the approximate pulse, which can be called normal, can still be calculated. On what do such indicators depend? Mostly from age and physical health. Normal pulse has different indicators in men and women. In the fair sex it is slightly higher, and the maximum frequency of cuts is also greater.

Is it necessary to know what a normalpulse? Of course, because these indicators give a general idea of ​​the degree of heart health. On their basis, a specialist can identify any serious disruptions in the body. For example, a person who has a pulse that is significantly higher than normal, runs the risk of a heart attack. However, this trouble can be saved if you contact the doctor in a timely manner.

Before talking about what is normalpulse, you need to learn how to measure it. It's quite simple. Place the middle and index finger on the artery, which is located on the wrist, as well as on the neck, close to the throat. Cut the time, you need 15 seconds to count the number of strokes. The result should be multiplied by four. It is best to measure the pulse in the morning when you are resting or relaxed. The results in this case will be more accurate.

Male norm will be 60-80 beats per minute. Keep in mind that in case you are seriously engaged in sports, the result will be lower, which you need not worry about, because this is an indicator of excellent work of the heart. What is the normal pulse of a woman? Approximately 65-90 beats per minute.

Keep in mind if you plan regularlyto measure your pulse, you need to do this in the same position, at certain hours. Heart rate (heart rate) depends on the position in which the person is sitting, as well as the specific time of day. That is why, if you want to get accurate results, you need to meet the above requirements.

What to do if the heart rate was outsidelimits of the norm? It can depend on poor nutrition, strong psychological loads, diseases, wrong lifestyle. If your heart rate is close to normal, you can adjust it yourself. It is enough to take care of your physical and psychological health. With serious deviations, you should not postpone the visit to a specialist.

What is the normal pulse of a person in differentseasons? Usually in winter it is lower than in summer. Frequent pulse is observed in a person who has recently eaten something hot, or is simply in the heat, for example, in a bath. When is the normal slowing of the heart rate? A rare pulse is observed in a person who is asleep or just very relaxed. When we sit down, the heart rate increases by about 5 strokes. When we get up, the pulse becomes higher by 10-15 beats per minute. The heart rate also increases in the evening hours, and slows down in the morning.

Keep in mind that the data onThe normal pulse rate is calculated for a healthy middle-aged person. You can also quickly calculate which indicators should be personal in you. For this purpose it is enough to subtract from your number 220 your age. The answer will be your rate of heart rate. In order to obtain accurate results, it is necessary to measure the heart rate at least 2-3 days at the same time. In this case, you will definitely make sure that you do not have to worry about anything. Or, on the contrary, you can immediately contact a specialist in order to undergo a thorough examination and get a detailed consultation. So you warn the development of serious diseases.

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