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Instructions for use "Multikan-6" for dogs

The preparation "Multikan-6" instructions for use describes how a vaccine protects against plague, leptospirosis and coronavirus enteritis in dogs.

Form of issue

Instructions for use "Multikan-6" positions this drug as a preparation with two components: dry and liquid.

instructions for the use of multikan 6

The dry component has the form of a finely porous mass, colored in a pink-yellow color. The liquid component is colorless, with a small deposit on the bottom of the bottle.

Both components are packaged in ampoules and vials with a capacity of three milliliters. Each of them is hermetically packed.

Shelf life of the vaccine is about eighteen months, provided it is properly stored. Do not use these injections at the end of the period.

multikan 6 instructions for use

If you notice that the flacons with the contentshave leaky packaging or they are not labeled, immediately discard them. The prepared solution should be used within fifteen minutes. At the end of this period, the injection is strictly forbidden.

Properties of the preparation

Instruction for the application of "Multikan-6" tells that the drug forms in dogs immunity to diseases such as plague, leptospirosis, erogenite and adenovirus infections.

The vaccine begins to actively work throughtwo to three weeks after its introduction. In this case, young dogs are under her protection for about six months. In adults, the same period increases to one year.

Instructions for use: "Multikan-6"

This vaccine is very effectivemeans for the prevention of these diseases. He does not have the same therapeutic effect. Never vaccinate weakened animals, as well as dogs in the last month of pregnancy and in the first four weeks after childbirth.

multikan 6 user manual

Instructions for use "Multikan-6" recommends that puppies be administered twice. The first time in two months, and the second in three weeks. The injection is done in the thigh, intramuscularly.

Repeated vaccination of puppies should be done at the age of one year. Dosage for adult dogs and puppies is 2 ml. For small dogs, the dosage is reduced to 1 ml.

Before use, the vaccine needs to be heated totemperature 38 degrees and shake thoroughly. It is very important to avoid precipitation after shaking. Be sure to follow all antiseptic measures before administering the vaccine.


The drug "Multikan-6" (instructions for use,reviews described in this article) is a good protective against the most common and dangerous diseases of dogs. Many veterinarians and dog owners recommend this remedy as an active protective measure for pets against plague and other diseases.

However, it is very important to follow the rules of injection. Do not be lazy to make the first injection of a puppy at two months old. And also do not forget to vaccinate your adult dog every year.

The reviews confirm that "Multikan-6" is a very good and effective drug that has a preventive effect. The main thing is to use it on time.

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