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The drug "Ivermek". Instructions

"Ivermek-gel" has a special formula,facilitating the penetration of the agent into the deep layers of the skin, its accumulation in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, the places of the main congestion of the mites of the Demodex genus. The drug is used in veterinary medicine. There is also the Ivermek Spray.

The drug almost does not penetrate into the bloodstream. This allows you to apply the remedy in dogs of small age, as well as rocks that show sensitivity to ivermectin.

The gel base of the drug promotes rapidpenetration of active components into all regions of localization of Demodex. Active ingredients: lidocaine, dexpanthenol, ivermectin. The combination of these ingredients ensures a high therapeutic activity of the drug.

Ivermectin in contact with Demodex provokesparalysis of the tick and his death. Rapid repair of damaged areas of the skin provides dexpanthenol. Anxiety of the animal, itching, irritation is removed by the lidocaine included in the preparation.

The acaricidal effect of the medication is provided for five to seven days. Due to low absorption in the bloodstream, the drug does not have a toxic effect on the animal's body.

Ivermek. Instructions. Indications

The drug is prescribed in the treatment of cats and dogs from sarcoptic disease, otodecosis, notoedrosis, demodecosis, as well as rabbits from noctoedrosis and psoroptosis.

In the composition of the spray, apart from ivermectin, lidocaine,includes bigluscate chlorgeskidina and panthenol. The drug has an effect on the imaginal and preimaginal phases of development of sarcopthoid mites, affecting cats, dogs, rodents, fur animals, and also kemidokoptotic mites in birds.

Ivermek. Instructions for use

Before applying the drug, the affected areasskin must be cleaned of crusts and scabs. Spray is applied in an amount of not more than 0.2 ml per kg of mass. The affected areas near the nose and eyes are treated with fingers (in gloves) moistened with a remedy. Allowed easy rubbing into the skin.

When treating affected areas with Ivermek, the instruction recommends taking about one to two centimeters of the border area of ​​healthy skin.

When demodectic cats of dogs, fur animals,sarcoptosis of fur-bearing animals and dogs, nocterosis of cats, application of the drug is carried out two to four times with an interval of three to five days. Treatment is discontinued after a clinical recovery, confirmed by a negative result of a twice-conducted acarological study.

With psoroptosis in decorative and otodectosecarnivorous rodents "Ivermek" instruction recommends applying on the peeled scabs and scabs of the inner ear and the skin of the external auditory canal. Dosage is determined in accordance with the size of the auricle and the weight of the animal. The average recommended amount of the drug used is 0.5-1.0 ml, which corresponds to four to nine clicks on the spray nozzle. Processing is carried out with an interval of three to five days, twice. If necessary, the therapeutic course can be repeated.

The drug must be administered boththe ear is necessary, even in the event of lesions with odelectomy in only one ear. If the disease has a complication in the form of otitis, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents are prescribed.

Treatment of birds affected by kemidokopetoz is carried out two to four times every three to five days until the disease is completely eliminated.

When applying "Ivermek Spray", there were no side effects.

It should be remembered that the drug does not have wound healing effect. "Ivermek" is able to eliminate the cause of skin lesions - parasite-tick.

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