/ / Preparation "Pratel" for dogs: instructions for use, composition and reviews

The preparation "Pratel" for dogs: instructions for use, composition and reviews

For what purpose do they prescribe Pratel fordogs? Instructions and indications for the use of this remedy will be indicated below. Also you will learn about the price of this medication, its properties and contraindications.

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Composition and form

The preparation "Pratel" for dogs, the instruction onthe use of which is contained in a cardboard bundle, is available in the form of tablets of round shape, light yellow in color, with a cross-shaped risk on one side and with bevelled edges.

The active substances of this drug are praziquantel and pyrantel.

Properties of the veterinary drug

What is the medicine "Pratel" (fordogs)? Instructions for use, reviews report that this is a combined anthelmintic agent. It has a wide range of cestocide and nematicidal effects on all phases of development of banded and round helminths, which parasitize not only in dogs but also in cats.

The principle of action of active components included inthe composition of the drug, is based on the process of inhibiting fumarate reductase, as well as the disturbance of energy metabolism and persistent depolarization of the helminth's cellular musculature. This effect causes paralysis, the subsequent death of the parasite and its removal from the gastrointestinal tract of the animal.

Features of the medicine

Why is the Pratel preparation effective for dogs? Instructions, reviews argue that its properties, it is required to be part of the main substances.

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Praziquantel has a detrimental effect on tapeworms, including cestodes. First, it promotes muscular stimulation leading to spastic paralysis, followed by vacuolation of the helminth cell membranes, and then allows the intestinal enzymes to negatively affect the parasite.

When administered orally prazikvantel pretty quickly absorbed in the intestines. It is well distributed in all tissues and organs. This substance is excreted in a metabolized form along with urine.

What role does pyrantel play in Pratel?for dogs? The instruction states that this component is active against nematodes (gastrointestinal). It is a neuromuscular ganglion blocker that causes spastic paralysis of the muscular tissues of roundworms, as well as persistent depolarization.

Partially pyrantel embonate is absorbed in the intestinal tract, and is excreted together with feces for two days.

Is it dangerous?

By the degree of exposure to a living organism, the drug"Pratel" refers to low-risk drugs (4th class of danger). If you use it strictly for the veterinarian, it does not have teratogenic, embryotoxic and sensitizing effects. According to experts, this medicine is well tolerated by different animals.

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What is the prescription for Pratel for dogs? The instruction says that this remedy is necessary for the treatment and prevention of helminthiases in animals (nematodosis: toxascaridosis, toxocarosis, hookworm disease, uncinorosis - and cestodoses: echinococcosis, teniosa, dipilidiosis, mesocestodosis).

Prohibitions to use

This tool is not recommendedapply in the presence of an animal hypersensitivity to the components of the medicine, including in the anamnesis. Also, it is forbidden to use dogs in the first half of pregnancy, a severely depleted and recovering animal suffering from infectious diseases.

It is unacceptable to take "Pratel" tablets with severe impairment of kidney and liver function, as well as to puppies up to 6 weeks of age.

Drug "Pratel" for dogs: instructions for use

The price of this tool is approximately 270-450 rubles. Use it should be only on indications, after consultation with the veterinarian.

Tablets are given to the dogs once, in a fragmented form, along with the food. Also, the medicine can be administered to the animal in a forced manner (put on the root of the tongue).

pratel for dogs user's guide price

The dosage of this drug depends on the weight of the dog:

  • up to 2 kg of weight - 0.25 tablets;
  • 2- 5 kg of weight - 0.5 tablets;
  • 5-10 kg of weight - 1 piece;
  • 10-20 kg of weight - 2 pieces;
  • 20-30 kg of weight - 3 pieces;
  • 30-40 kg of weight - 4 pcs .;
  • 40-50 kg of weight - 5 pcs.

It is possible to assign this remedy to puppies only from the 6th week of life. It should be noted that before de-worming, the use of laxatives or compliance with a hungry diet is not required.

With a therapeutic purpose, this medicine is given to animalsonce, and with preventive - once a quarter. Also, the drug can be prescribed before vaccination and 4 weeks before mating (in therapeutic dosage).

Pre-pregnant "Pratel" females are given only in the last third of pregnancy, and lactating - after 3 weeks after delivery and only under the supervision of a veterinarian.

If you miss the next deworming it should be carried out as quickly as possible in the same dose.

Side effects

What negative reactions can causemedication Pratel for dogs? Instructions for use asserts that when using this product in recommended dosages and according to indications, no side effects and complications are observed.

pratel for dogs

If the animal has a hypersensitivity to the drugs, it is possible to develop an allergic reaction.

Special Information

With the development of allergies, the use of the drug is discontinued, and desensitizing treatment is also performed.

Medication Pratel should not be prescribed concomitantly with anthelmintic medicines containing piperazine.

Personal preventive measures

When working with the agent in question, it is necessaryobserve the general safety rules, as well as personal hygiene. During the treatment of the animal with tablets (tabs in the mouth or mixing with food), it is prohibited to smoke, eat food and water. After working with the medicine, you should wash your hands well.

Special precautions when destroying a spoiled drug are not required.


What the owners of animals say about the drugPratel? They argue that this is a very effective anthelmintic remedy, which can be used not only to treat the animal, but also to prevent it.

Also, the positive aspects of this drug include its availability, affordable price and safety for a person.

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