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Preparation "Milbemax": instructions for use, indications for dogs

This drug is a drug that is used to get rid of helminths, as well as mono- and mixed invasions caused by round and ribbonworms.

milbemax instruction
Means "Milbemaks" for puppies are intended. The instruction says that the medicine is released in the form of tablets. The active components are the substances milbemycin oxime and praziquantel. Auxiliary components are lactose monohydrate, sodium croscarmellose, povidone, microcrystalline cellulose. The drug is given to adults, young dogs and puppies.

Pharmacological action of Milbemax

The instruction shows that the medicine isanthelminthic combined preparation that acts on the cestodocide, nematodes and their larvae parasitizing the gastric and intestinal tract of dogs. As a result of the action of the agent, the permeability of the parasite cell membranes for chloride ions increases, which ultimately leads to paralysis and pest eradication. The active substance produces membrane depolarization, destroys the tegument, causes a contraction of the muscles, resulting in parasites perishing. The medicine begins to work two to three hours after ingestion. The drug is withdrawn together with urine for two days. The remedy is considered a moderately dangerous medicine in terms of the degree of exposure to the canine organism.

milbemax for puppies instruction

Contraindications to the drug "Milbemax"

Instruction explains that you can not give medicineanimals with increased sensitivity to the components of the remedy, with marked violations in the work of the kidneys and liver abnormalities. It is forbidden to add tablets to food for exhausted animals and individuals with infectious lesions, as well as for puppies less than two weeks old and weighing up to half a kilogram. Capsules for adult dogs are prescribed to individuals weighing more than 5 kg. It is not recommended to give the preparation to puppies of sheltie, collie, bobtail. These rocks have increased sensitivity to macrocyclic lactones. For breastfeeding and pregnant females, the remedy is given only as directed by the veterinarian.

Medication "Milbemax": instructions for use

Tablets should be given to the dog once during the feeding. The drug is forcibly put on the root of the tongue of the pet or mixed into a small amount of food in a fragmented form.

milbemax user's manual
Dosage is calculated based on the weight of the animal. Puppies up to 1 kg are given half the baby pill, up to 5 kg - one capsule is enough, up to 10 kg - 2 pills. Adult animals up to 25 kg are placed one capsule, two units of the drug are prescribed to large dogs up to 50 kg, three tablets are prescribed to giants (more than 50 kg).

Side effects and overdose when taking Milbemax

Instruction indicates that the medicine is goodis carried by animals. If the medication is taken too much, the dogs can have uneven gait or trembling, muscle paresis, depression, excessive salivation. These symptoms pass independently without requiring treatment. Do not use the medication together with macrocyclic lactones.

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