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The drug "Azinox": instructions for use

What are the properties of the drug "Azinox"? Instructions for use and features of this tool will be presented below. Also, you will find out about what indications the given medication is prescribed to the animals and in what dosage.

azinox user's manual

Composition, the produced form of the means

In what form are veterinary preparations manufactured"Azinox"? Instruction for use informs that this product goes on sale in the form of tablets, packaged in blisters of PVC film, which are individually packed in cardboard boxes.

The active ingredient of this drug is praziquantel. In addition to it, the composition of the drug includes such additional substances as lactose and starch.

Operating principle

What is "Azinox"? Instructions for use say that this is an anthelmintic preparation that has a wide range of cestodocidal effects. Its use makes it possible to get rid of many species of trematodes and cestodes.

Praziquantel has a detrimental effect on allthe degree of development of ribbon helminths, which parasitize in cats and dogs. The mechanism of action of this drug is due to its ability to inhibit the activity of fumarate reductase, as well as disrupt the permeability of cell membranes and muscle innervation, which ultimately leads to paralysis and further death of helminths.

Kinetic features

Is the medicine "Azinox" absorbed? Instructions for use for cats and dogs asserts that the active ingredient of this agent is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract. The peak of its concentration in the blood is reached after 40-55 minutes. Excreted prazikvantel from the body of the animal along with the urine for a day.

By the degree of effect on the body of "Azinox"refers to low-risk medicinal substances. If the drug is used in the recommended dosages, it does not have sensitizing and teratogenic, as well as embryotoxic effects.

azinoks plus instructions for use

The appointment of a veterinary drug

In what cases are the animals assigned to such aa medication like "Azinox"? Instructions for use for dogs and cats report that this remedy is actively used for the prevention and treatment of cestodoses (including diphyllobothriasis, thiodia, echinococcosis, dipylidiosis, mesocestidosis).

Prohibitions for the use of veterinary medication

The medicament in question for animalspractically has no contraindications. It is not recommended to appoint it only at high sensitivity to elements of a medicine, and also to kittens and puppies under 3-week-old age.

The drug "Azinox": instructions for use

How to give the pets mentioneda drug? It should be taken only orally. The medication is prescribed once, during the morning feeding of animals. The tablet is mixed together with a small amount of feed. If the dog or cat refuses to consume food, the veterinary drug is forcibly administered at a dosage of 1 tablet for every 10 kg of the animal's weight.

If the domestic pet weighs less than 5 kg, thenthe preparation in question is used as a suspension. For its preparation, 1 tablet is first pulverized, after which it is suspended in 10 ml of usual water and vortexed vigorously. Further, the mixed preparation is administered to the animal inside using a syringe without a needle. The following dosages are adhered to: 1 ml of suspension for each kg of animal weight.

azinoks instruction manual for cats

It should also be noted that the conduct of a hungry diet, as well as the use of laxatives before the de-worming of pets is not required.

For the therapeutic purpose of cats and dogs, de-worming is strictly according to indications. With regard to prevention, it is carried out every quarter in a therapeutic dosage.

Signs of an overdose by this agent have not been identified to date.

Adverse Events

Does the adverse reaction of veterinarymeans "Azinox Plus"? Instruction for use informs that no complications and side effects in cats and dogs were observed when using the drug in question.

In the presence of high individual sensitivity to praziquantel, as well as with the appearance of allergies, the use of the medication is completely stopped.

Special Information

What you need to know before usingsuch a tool as "Azinox Plus"? Instruction for use says that when carrying out medical and prophylactic procedures in dogs and cats, it is necessary to observe all safety and personal hygiene rules.

azinoks instruction manual for dogs

Terms and conditions of storage of veterinary drug

After purchase, the medicine "Azinox"It is necessary to store only in the closed pack from the manufacturer. In this case, the drug should be kept separate from feed and other food products, in a place protected from moisture and light, and also inaccessible to small children (at a temperature of 0-24 degrees). The shelf life of this medication is exactly three years.

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