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Veterinary drug Ovariovit: instructions for use

ovariovit instructions for use

The drug "Ovariovit" is a homeopathicmedicinal product for animals. Included in the composition of the natural ingredients can regulate abnormalities of the ovaries in females. Produced in the form of a solution for injections and tablets. Means "Ovariovit" for cats and other animals are prescribed for hormonal failures in the reproductive system. It is used for sex cycle disorders, the consequences of hormonal therapy, false pregnancy, urinary incontinence, obesity and dermatoses in sterilized females.

Pharmacological properties of Ovariovit

Instruction for use indicates that the propertiesmedicament depends on its composition, which includes kirkazon lomonosovide, meadow chamber, substances from the ink bag of cuttlefish, damian shrub and plant aquilegia. And also iodine gold and calcium mineral konchite, extracted from an oyster shell.

ovariovit for cats

Indications for the use of Ovariovit

Instruction for use indicates that the remedyprescribe for the treatment of ovarian hypofunction, with cystic injuries of these organs, mortality of embryos. The medication is used for false pregnancy and a persistent yellow body. The drug quickly triggers the mechanisms of development and growth of the follicle, restores the work of the ovaries, as well as the pituitary, hypothalamic system in animals. The solution allows to eliminate mental disorders in females with hormonal abnormalities. One of the indications of the medicament are lesions resulting from the use of progesterone, a drug used to suppress estrus in animals and prevent pregnancy. Negative consequences of allopathic therapy of animals are such pathologies as diabetes, breast tumors, metropathy. For the complex treatment of these deviations, Ovariovit is also used. Instruction for use warns that in such situations the drug will be used for a long time. The medication is also prescribed for infertility therapy, since active substances are able to regulate the endocrine glands.

Advantages of Ovariovit

Instructions for use and owner's feedbackanimals allow to draw a conclusion that the medicine has high efficiency. The drug has no contraindications, does not have a negative side effect, does not contain hormones.

ovariovitis for dogs reviews

Medication "Ovariovit" (for dogs): reviews, instruction

For the treatment of hormonal failure at homepets, the agent is prescribed based on their weight (0.1 ml per 1 kg of body weight). Puppies are given 1 capsule of the drug. Adults should be given 2 tablets (for small breeds), medium - up to three pills, large - up to 4 units. In case of a false pregnancy, injections are administered, intramuscularly administered up to three times a week for 1-2 injections, or tablets - twice a day for 14 days. Obesity, dermatosis or urinary incontinence in castrated females is treated with 6 injections twice a week. Or every day during the crescent, two capsules of medicament are given.

Dosage for cats

This group of animals is recommended to give 1 capsule of the drug twice a day for two weeks.

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