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Means "Fenistil". Instructions for use

Means "Fenistil" (instructions for usecontains such information) promotes the blocking of histamine H1 receptors, slows the activity of mediators involved in the onset and development of an allergic reaction. The drug reduces capillary permeability, has a sedative and anticholinergic effect. There are two medicinal forms of the drug - a gel for external application and a drop inside. After oral administration, the maximum concentration is observed after two hours. The drug binds to plasma proteins by 90%. The medicine with bile and urine is withdrawn. With local application, the medicine penetrates quickly enough into the skin. Bioavailability in this case is about 10%.

fenistil cream user manual


Drops are recommended for allergic pathologiesseasonal and year-round nature. In particular, the indications include hives, rhinitis, hay fever. Oral administration of the drug is prescribed for eczema and other itching dermatoses, food and drug allergies. The drug is indicated for skin itching (except for those associated with cholestasis), on the soil of pathologies complicated by a rash (with chickenpox) including. The agent effectively eliminates the reaction to insect bites. The drug "Fenistil" (ointment) is recommended for the reduction of itching on the background of dermatoses, urticaria, burns (industrial, domestic, sunny). The drug is prescribed externally with insect bites.

Fenistil instructions for use

Adverse Reactions

When ingestion a medicine may provokedyspepsia, dry mouth, dizziness. Rarely there is headache, drowsiness or agitation. The drug "Fenistil" (cream) (instructions for use contains such information) can cause a skin rash on the application area, dryness, irritation of the cover. Sometimes patients have muscle spasm, swelling, and breathing disorders.

Dosing regimen

Patients with 12 years of age are prescribed 20-40drops. The frequency of admission is three times a day. For children from 1 month to 12 years, the dosage is 0.1 mg / kg per day. The total amount of the drug is divided into three doses per day. When predisposed to drowsiness, 2/3 of the dose is drunk in the evening and 1/3 in the morning. Gel "Fenistil" instruction on application recommends to apply 2-4 times a day. In severe cases, it is allowed to combine gel treatment and droplet administration.

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Means "Fenistil" instructions for use are notadmits to the appointment with intolerance components, disorders of urination (on the basis of prostate hypertrophy). Contraindications include a closed-angle glaucoma. No medication is prescribed for lactating women, pregnant patients, or breast-fed (prematurely) children under 1 month.

additional information

The drug "Fenistil" (instructions for usecontains such information) is able to enhance the sedative effect of drugs that depress the activity of the central nervous system (hypnotics, anxiolytics, anesthetics). In obstructive pulmonary pathologies in chronic and at the age of 1 year (due to the likelihood of nocturnal apnea), the drug is administered with extreme caution.

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