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Topaz preparation: instructions for use, tips and tricks

You have long cherished and cherished your grapes, already planned how you will harvest, but suddenly he was attacked by powdery mildew? It does not matter, the drug "Topaz" will come to your rescue.

topaz instruction manual
Topaz is a systemic fungicide, that is, e. It is capable of affecting many pathogens. It is used to protect crops such as stone, pome, berry, vegetable and ornamental plants. In particular, the drug is widely used in the treatment of diseases in cucumbers, strawberries, grapevines, cherries, apple trees, etc. The active ingredient is penconazole.

The drug "Topaz", instructions for usewhich it confirms, has its advantages (in comparison with similar means). So, it can be used in the fight against such a disease as powdery mildew, in many cultures. A sufficient concentration of the active substance in the preparation reduces the frequency of processing of plants.

The drug "Topaz", instructions for usewhich is on the package, quickly absorbed by plants. This property allows you to reduce the likelihood that the product will be washed away by precipitation.

instructions for the use of topaz
Due to its compatibility with otherpreparations of the same group, Topaz can be used in the integrated plant protection program. However, in any given case, before using several substances at the same time it is necessary to test them by mixing a small amount.

Validity of the drug "Topaz", instructions forthe application of which indicates this, an average of two to three weeks. In conditions when the disease is only developing, the activity time of the agent can be reduced to 10 days. This drug has a very high impact rate. Already after 2-3 hours the growth of the mycelium rarely slows down.

As a result of the conducted studies, it wasit has been established that this agent does not have a toxic effect on plants, that is, the consumption of fruits processed with this fungicide is absolutely harmless.

topaz ke instructions for use
The drug "Topaz", instructions for usewhich contains all the necessary information, should be used as follows. An ampoule with a medium containing 2 ml of active ingredient is diluted in a small amount of water and then poured into a bucket (10 L). When processing indoor plants, the contents of the ampoule are added to 5 liters of liquid.

Instructions for the use of the drug "Topaz"recommends the preparation of a solution of the product immediately before its use. In this case, the effectiveness of the active components is much higher, and the result from the use of the agent will be better. It is strictly forbidden to use the drug the next day after its preparation.

Use Topaz Ke, instructions forthe application of which indicates this, it is necessary to observe a certain interval - in 2 weeks. Good results show treatment for the purpose of prevention. In this case, the concentration of the solution is reduced approximately by two times.

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