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Medicinal preparation "Lopaz plus". Instructions for use

Medicinal preparation "Lozap plus"application is characterized as an antihypertensive and diuretic agent, which is indicated for use in hypertension. Particularly well, the drug is suitable for those patients for whom the purpose of combination therapy will be the most optimal option.

They produce medication in the form of oblong tablets, which have a coating in the form of a shell and share risks on both sides. Lozap tablets are light yellow.

The drug can be purchased at any pharmacy byprescription prescribed by the doctor. In the sale of the drug comes in cardboard packs, which contain contoured cell packs with a dozen tablets. Each bundle can contain from one to nine such packages. Accompanies the tablets "Lozap" instruction, which is in each pack.

According to the instructions, this drug, like any other has not only indications for use, but also contraindications, as well as side effects.

Contraindicated in the following cases:

  • With intolerance, any components of the drug, as well as sensitivity to them.
  • With anuria.
  • With severe arterial hypotension.
  • When the liver and kidneys are broken.
  • With hypovolemia.
  • Pregnant women.
  • At thoracal feeding.
  • Teen and children's age.

Careful use of this medicationrequire such conditions as diabetes and various complications of allergology, bronchial asthma and systemic disease of connective tissue, as well as with kidney problems.

In the event that the attending physician appointed you totreatment drug "Lozap plus, instructions for use should be carefully studied, where special attention should be paid to side effects. Because the side effects from the use of the drug are not contraindicated, and therefore do not interfere with the prescription of the medicine for treatment.

As side effects on the applicationtablets "Lozap plus" noted the occurrence of various allergic reactions quite often accompanied by angioedema and anaphylactic shock. There was a decrease in blood pressure, which was accompanied by a state of dizziness and weakness. In rare cases, hepatitis was diagnosed. The states of migraine, dyspepsia, various respiratory symptoms have occurred, but not often.

In addition to general information about the drug "Lozap plus", the instructions for use contain detailed information on the method of taking the drug and its dosing regimen.

Tablets are intended for oral administration, and they can be taken before and after meals.

One tablet a day - optimal volumeapplication of the drug. However, for those patients who can not stabilize the pressure, taking one tablet, it is allowed to increase the dose to two tablets per day. But it should be taken into account that this dose is maximal.

Therapeutic effect is achieved after three weeks of application of the drug.

For patients of advanced age, the "Lozal plus" reception does not need to be adjusted. General recommendations are also suitable for them.

The particular importance that the accompanying Lozap plus preparation contains is an instruction for use, is information for pregnant women.

Use of pills during pregnancyAbsolutely forbidden. The action exerted on the body by this drug can lead to the death of the child in the womb of the mother. In the case of diagnosing pregnancy, the drug is subject to immediate cancellation.

Store the drug in dry, ventilated areas.rooms at a temperature not exceeding thirty degrees. Use the drug should not be more than two years from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.

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