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"AliExpress": similar sites in Russian. "AliExpress": analogue in Russia

Today there are so-calledstores-giants, which are almost monopolists in their field. These are the largest trade centers, where thousands, hundreds of thousands of items are sold. And to those is, without a doubt, the store "AliExpress."

"AliExpress" analog

Analog - is it?

Platforms that would offer buyersa huge selection of goods (mainly electronics), produced in China, is not difficult to find at all. There are a lot of such today, all of them are engaged in sending goods around the world, mediating between the plant in some province of Guangzhou and the final customer in Russia, for example.

What is also characteristic is the growingpopularity of such resources. Each of these portals collects a huge number of buyers. Thousands of people are ready to register for them and make orders. Such "increased demand" for such products is achieved due to a very wide range and low prices, which no analogue can offer.

"AliExpress" in Russia also has a huge number of fans. In general, this platform is extremely popular all over the world.

analogue of aliexpress in russia

Order scheme

It's very easy to buy on the Internet. To make an order in Chinese shops is even easier. It is enough to enter your address, determine the name and bundling of the goods, specify details of payment, and your parcel will be delivered directly after 3-4 weeks (depending on the method of delivery and the region where you live). Perhaps, the mandatory waiting period is a single minus of Chinese sites. This makes it possible to save on transportation (such stores often mark "free shipping" in the settings), but lose a lot of time to receive.

What would have happened if I could find some kind ofdecision on how to speed up the process without increasing the price of shipping services. And users, if you analyze a number of search queries, those consider the opportunity to find an analog instead of "AliExpress." Obviously, it should be a store that is closer, or at least making delivery in faster and cheaper ways. Is there such a service?

analog "AliExpress" in Russian

Largest shops

Services that could be a substitute forplatform AliExpress, just no. At the moment, given the position in the market of the giant "Ali", it is not worthwhile to count on the fact that it can be pressed. This is too large a platform by the standards of any country in the world. Millionth turnover of goods and an ever growing number of customers confirm this.

So does "AliExpress" have an analog? From the point of view of the standard purchase that we are accustomed to (for example, if we want to purchase an inexpensive action camera), there are many similar resources. Find them very easily - many are very popular and in demand. Here is the top three: DealExtreme, TinyDeal, GearBest. These resources, like Ali, sell various products manufactured in China, which can be ordered anywhere in the world. The prices at them can be similar, but there is one big difference in the model of work of these services and "Ali".

sites analogs "AliExpress"

How is "AliExpress" and other

All of the above stores are actuallysimple online shops. Their administration finds suppliers, signs out with them some agreements and sells the goods on their own behalf. In the same way, for example, the Russian "Eldorado" and "Technosila" are arranged, only we are talking about Chinese products that are most in demand in Russia, Europe and the West (accessories, electronics, household goods, etc.).

But in this article we study a slightly differentThe model for which "AliExpress" works. An analogue is much more difficult to find (especially in terms of product volumes). This resource is a platform where the buyer and seller meet. The first is in the search for a product that interests him, and the second exposes all the trading positions that he has, for a review. Thus, one can see, for example, the same goods exhibited at different prices on behalf of different factories and factories. Therefore, on AliExpress you can independently choose what interests you.

If the DX analogue can be called "Connected" (roughlysaying), then does our "giant" have an analog? "AliExpress" in Russia is somewhat similar to the board of Avito or the resource Tiu. At the latter, by the way, also users are engaged in the search for goods, exhibited by vendors-companies.

Specificity of the goods

As you can see, the level of promotion of AliExpress is not yetmanaged to beat not a single Russian store. Even the quality of goods, as a rule, will be higher on the Chinese resource, and the price will remain more affordable than in the case of the Russian option. Do you need such an analog?

Russian analogue of "AliExpress"

Moreover - all accessories and electronicsproduce in China. This means that the Russian analogue of "AliExpress" would sell what came from the Celestial Empire earlier. Then, it is asked, what is the use of looking for analogues in our country? It's easier to buy directly ...

We can say that this is the specificitygoods sold on the resource "AliExpress." You can create such an analogue in Moscow, but you still have to deliver the products for it, which automatically raises the cost of such things. So, there is no point in this either.

The language barrier

Certainly, certain difficulties in working withAliExpress is tested by people who do not speak English. It is on it that there are descriptions in the basic version of the resource. However, there should not be any difficulties with this - the Chinese site also has a "Russian" counterpart. "AliExpress" has different language versions.

Ad headers can be automatically addedtranslate using Google Translate. At first glance this may seem like a set of unrelated words, but in fact, after a certain period of time (during which various goods will be ordered) you will become accustomed and begin to understand well what the seller wanted to say.

Russian analog "AliExpress"

Descriptions of lots submitted in English, alsocan be translated into Google Translate (in individual mode). Thus, everything is stipulated, and you will simply not need to look for an online store, an analog of "AliExpress".

Acceleration of delivery

The second, in addition to linguistic, is the question,how you can get your goods faster. And for this there are several ways. Firstly, you can order not free delivery via AirMail, but a more expensive, but fast shipping lot via DHL, EMS or TNT. All these and many other ways will be available in the menu on the product page. The price of transportation will start from 30-40 dollars (depending on the volume of the goods). Then you will receive your parcel within a couple of days.

There is also information for those who are interested insimilar sites-analogues. "AliExpress" is the place where dealers are often brokered. They can buy a thing more expensive, but without the need for waiting for delivery. Thus, you will win, as you can get the goods almost on the same day. Then you just need to look for stores that sell what interests you. And do not think about the Chinese AliExpress.

"AliExpress" analog in Moscow


Thus, we start with the fact that the analogThe "Ali" site does not exist in principle. All over the world this is the only such kind of site. No matter how hard you try, it's not so easy to find an analogue in Russia. "AliExpress" is (in its own way) a unique platform.

But you can solve the problems associated withremoteness of the base, otherwise. For example, use automatic translation of site pages. If you want, you can open the Google translator in parallel and see all the words indicated by the seller. So there is no need to look for an analogue. "AliExpress" in Russian can fully justify your requests.

Finally, another important point is the speeddelivery. To overcome it it is possible - to order through intermediary firms in Russia which already can possess stocks of the goods for the decision of such problems. If you order something not too specific, then this method can be approached. Finally, you can always overpay more, but order the goods through the delivery service, which will take much less time.

Are you still hoping to find an analog? "AliExpress" is too unique and individual platform, therefore for it really competitive resource, alas, does not exist yet. The company is too strong a monopolist.

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