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All about how to leave feedback on "AliExpress"

For many users who purchase inThe network, not a secret, is the fact that the online store "AliExpress", which sells a wide variety of Chinese goods, is one of the largest shopping centers not only in Asia, but all over the world. At least, as the organizers themselves write on their resource, here are represented more than 100 million goods from 200 thousand sellers. Therefore, it is obvious that the choice of companies here is quite large, in connection with which it is quite difficult not to run into unscrupulous suppliers. For example, judging by the responses on the Internet, it is not uncommon to supply poor-quality, inappropriate goods, or cases when the seller does not send the required item at all. To find out whether it is worth contacting a particular store, you can not in any other way except leave a response to "AliExpress" for other users and, similarly, look at other people's responses.

How the "AliExpress" feedback system works

how to leave a review for aliexpress
On the website of "AliExpress" there is a system of reviews,which forms a kind of "reputation" of sellers. With its help, each buyer can easily and simply assess who he is dealing with - a large factory that regularly sells his own products, or with a recently registered private individual whose intentions are rather vague. In addition, with the help of feedback you can learn not only about the seller's experience, but also about the quality of his products, which is also important. To see the reviews, just go to the store page, whose products you are going to buy, and pay attention to the upper right corner of the page. There, along with the number of responses, there will also be an icon indicating the status of the store account. You can read the reviews by clicking the corresponding button here.

Can I leave a review?

how to leave a review for after confirmation
The portal "AliExpress" has a speciala system that stimulates the user to leave a review after making a purchase. So, he opens a special dialog box where he can expose the "stars" of the rating by different criteria - price, service, quality of the goods. In addition, the user can also sign his estimate with a comment about the purchased product. It is noteworthy that you can not do otherwise than leave a response to "AliExpress" after confirmation. The system constantly reminds the user, asks to leave his assessment. Therefore, the question "how to leave a response to" AliExpress "?" No one will arise. The buyer will be able to do this with ease, because he is even given a decent amount of time for this. However, of course, you can not leave a response. If you do not want to help other buyers and the seller, whose goods are really quality, then you can do nothing, but ignore the request.

What is the dispute on "AliExpress"?

how to leave feedback on aliexpress after a dispute
"AliExpress" has a special systemprotection of the buyer, which allows you to challenge the purchase, return the funds in part or in full, as well - to receive a new product. The essence of the system is the conduct of the dispute, which is created by the dissatisfied buyer and implies his explanation of what exactly the seller is not right. The latter should consider the application and answer it. If, say, he agrees, then the money can be returned within 1-2 days. If the seller does not agree, he may refuse to fulfill the client's conditions, after which the buyer has the right to aggravate the dispute. In such a situation, the administration of the site will deal with it. Here you have an answer to the question of how to leave a response to "AliExpress" and what it will be. It all depends on how the dispute is resolved.

How to leave a response to "AliExpress" after the dispute?

how to leave feedback on aliexpress after a dispute
In the case of opening a dispute with the buyer for"AliExpress" lost the opportunity to leave feedback. This worries many users who, having successfully won the dispute, want to convey to other buyers the idea that this product should not be bought. Of course, they have a question: "How to leave a response to" AliExpress "after the dispute?". The answer to it is obvious, since in the rules the organizers of the site clearly indicated that in the case of a full refund, the right of withdrawal disappears, because the buyer does not receive the goods, as it were. Of course, such a scheme has a disadvantage, because a fraudster can return money several times without receiving a negative evaluation, after which he will have the opportunity to deceive someone else, but without a refund.

Is it worth buying goods in a Chinese online store?

After many learn how to leavea response to "AliExpress" and that this can not always be done, and also that on a Chinese portal like this (which in fact is quite a lot - it's TaoBao, DealExtreme and others) there are scammers who, being thousands of kilometers away, are simply deceived and take away money, the desire to buy something is lost. However, this approach is not entirely correct, because in Chinese stores you can find a really unique opportunity to get quality goods very cheaply. The main thing here is to find a seller and, even if you are deceived, to protect yourself. To cope with the first task, it is enough to use our recommendations about the number of reviews from customers, because the more they are, the more reliable the store. The second advice is that if you are sent a substandard product, do not waste time and file a complaint through a special form. The seller will be forced to respond to her, and you will not be able to withdraw your funds from him. Then there will be a dispute procedure and, if necessary, aggravation of the dispute for further involvement of the administration in this issue. Of course, it will take up to 60 days, as well as a little of your time to write a complaint, however, believe me, it's worth it. Goods at retail and wholesale are cheaper than on "AliExpress", it is difficult to find, especially in some categories like accessories for electronics.

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