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Fast transactions on "Aliexpress": what is it, where to find

The largest trade site "Aliexpress", which is already famous for a rather low cost of products, constantly gives an opportunity to purchase a large number of goods at a very ridiculous price.

Fast transactions on "Aliexpress" are hugesales, where the cost of products is sometimes estimated at only a few cents. Such sales are held constantly, but generous shares for each type of goods are limited in time.

quick deals on aliexpress

Features of fast transactions

Thanks to such sales the seller is profitableadvertises exactly its products, and the buyer can buy the right thing for pennies. After all, a huge number of buyers, viewing products through quick transactions on "Aliexpress", goes to the catalog of a specific seller and makes a purchase there already. Thus, the supplier is expanding sales, and this makes it possible not to incur losses due to large discounts on a certain group of goods involved in fast transactions. Therefore, do not think that such actions are beneficial only to customers, sellers also have their own benefits. The supplier, especially those who recently came to this trading platform, need to stand out among a large number of competitors and prove themselves in the market, and quick deals on "Aliexpress" is an excellent opportunity to get regular customers.

Such shares can be easily distinguished from other sales for a number of features:

  • The quantity of the goods is limited, more often it is 100-250 copies.
  • Restricted to one buyer. One user can purchase a certain number of products at a low price.
  • Fast transactions on "Aliexpress" are limited in time. One action lasts 3 hours, 8 sales are conducted per day.
  • The price of goods in fast transactions is many times lower than usual. Although "Aliexpress" - an Internet site that offers a huge number of products, at low prices.

Advantages of fast transactions

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For the buyer, such sales have certain advantages:

  • Very low price, which sometimes is only a few cents.
  • Interesting offers (most often such goods are really needed for life).

But the shortcomings of such sales are available:

  • To buy at this cost is a limited time.
  • Products presented in fast transactions end within a few seconds, especially if this is a very advantageous offer.
  • The complexity of the purchase, as the goods very quickly ends. After all, as already noted, in such sales, quality goods are offered, but in a limited small number.
  • Nervous tension, because everyone understands that the product you like can slip out of your hands in a matter of seconds. And this is very annoying and makes you nervous.

How to make a purchase

fast transactions on aliexpress how to be in time

Find cheap products is not so easy, especially if there is no experience of buying them. Where to find quick deals on "Aliexpress"? To see a list of such products, you need:

  • Go to the site of this trading platform "Aliexpress."
  • On the main page go to the "Quick Deals" tab. It is located in the main menu.
  • Then the purchase is made as usual: select the appropriate product model, color, size, specify the delivery address, pay for the order.

Quick Deals on your mobile device

 where to find quick deals on aliexpress

"Aliexpress" - Internet sale sitegoods, which has its own application. For people who prefer to shop via mobile gadgets, the product search algorithm is similar. It is worth noting that to make purchases of such goods it is still better to use a mobile application, since it is more accurate timing, which increases the chances of success.

how to ask a quick transaction notification aliexpress

Notification of fast transactions

In order not to miss the beginning of profitable shares, you can set up special alerts. How to ask a notification about fast transactions "Aliexpress"?

This will require:

  • Go to the sales and click on the button "Set a notification of fast transactions."
  • In the next window click on a similar line. As a result, a window will appear where the list of goods from the nearest transaction will be provided.
  • On any lot, click the "Alert Me" button. The "Aliexpress" system will answer that the notification will be sent 10 minutes before the sale.

Fast transactions on "Aliexpress": how to be in time

how to ask a quick transaction notification aliexpress

It should be noted that special tricks forthere is no purchase of goods from this section. Just go to the site before the sale, select the products you like and wait for the start. Everything depends on dexterity and speed, after all, wishing to become the owner of products for a penny value around the world a huge amount, and the things that cost a penny, immediately end.

Other sales

In addition to fast transactions, on this resourcethere is a huge number of sales that are held on certain days or timed to certain events, for example, the site's birthday, the Chinese New Year and other holidays. On such promotions, the assortment of products at low prices is much higher than in simple days. In order not to miss such transactions, it is more often to go to the site and view announcements, they are always advertised in advance. To get acquainted with the product that will be offered during the campaign, you just need to click on the advertisement announcement.

Regular visitors to the trading platform "Aliexpress" are notified of ongoing promotions and global sales by email or message in a mobile application.

How to purchase

Payment and delivery of products that wasacquired as a result of the fast transaction, does not differ from the standard purchase on the site. Payment should be made within 24 hours from the moment the goods hit the personal basket. Delivery can be either paid or absolutely worthless. To make it profitable to make purchases, it is best to choose free shipping, it is mentioned in the product card. If you still liked the goods, for the transfer of which you have to pay, you should evaluate the feasibility of such a purchase. Since it often happens that the cost of the goods is much lower than the price of its delivery.

Watching constantly for sales and fast deals on "Aliexpress", you can profitably purchase a huge amount of products at a ridiculous price.

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